RF Miles Reserve Redevelopment

RF Miles Reserve is currently being used by the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) for its site office and construction machinery while undertaking removal of the Seaford Road level crossing.  

Although the reserve and playing field will be reinstated by the LXRA following completion of level crossing removal works, Council is seeking further upgrades including enlarging the football playing field to meet senior AFL standards, building a new pavilion that better caters to female participation in sport and the construction of new netball courts and cricket nets.  

Council has committed $3.347 million towards these upgrades and has secured an equal contribution of $2.6 million from Victorian and Federal Governments to deliver this project as a priority following level crossing removal works. 

The proposed redevelopment of RF Miles Reserve will include:

  • A new two-storey pavilion with female-friendly facilities
  • Larger oval to meet AFL standards, a new netball court and new cricket nets
  • Car parking, bus stop, shared user paths and landscaping
  • New oval lighting, scoreboard and coaches box
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