Asset Protection and Building Works Code of Practice

What are Public Infrastructure Assets?

The public infrastructure assets that are located throughout the City vary considerably. Footpaths, vehicle crossovers, nature strips, road pavements, kerbs, signage, street lights, stormwater drains and street trees are all considered public infrastructure assets.

Why is an Asset Protection Permit required?

Asset protection assists Council to ensure that public assets and infrastructure are not damaged as a result of building work. The permit also assists to ensure the safety of residents and reduce liability at building sites.

When is an Asset Protection Permit required?

Asset protection is required for all building works valued at $20,000 or more, pool and/or spas valued $10,000 or more and all demolitions, and any works deemed by a council officer to cause damage to council assets. Asset protection is taken out prior to the commencement of works to ensure that Council's assets are not damaged and the site is reinstated to the state it was prior to building works taking place.

Please refer to the following documents for more details

How much does an Asset Protection Permit cost?

An Asset Protection Permit is $215 (valid until 30 June 2018). In addition, a security bond is required.

What is the amount of the security bond that needs to be lodged?

A security bond of $1,000 will be required for all residential projects involving demolition, building removal, excavation, additions and alterations, swimming pools and the construction of fencing that are adjacent to public infrastructure assets.

Commercial developments and the construction of three or more dwellings on a lot are required to be individually assessed. Please contact an asset protection officer for a security bond assessment prior to submitting an application for an asset protection permit.

How is an Asset Protection Permit obtained?

You can obtain a hard copy from the following places:

  • Civic Centre, 30 Davey Street, Frankston.
  • Seaford Community Centre, 1/6 Broughton Street, Seaford.
  • Langwarrin Shop, Shop 6, The Gateway, 230 Cranbourne-Frankston Road

How long does an Asset Protection Permit last?

An Asset Protection Permit is issued for 24 months. Extensions can be granted subject to an assessment by an asset protection officer.

Does Council charge to extend an Asset Protection Permit?

Council do not charge to extend an Asset Protection Permit. Extensions can be granted subject to an assessment by an asset protection officer.

How will Council determine if damage has occurred?

Council officers will conduct a site inspection and take written and photographic evidence of the public infrastructure assets. The inspections will be conducted before building work begins, and again after the work is completed.

In accordance with the Council’s ‘General Local Law 2012 No. 7’, this evidence will be used to determine if damage has occurred and is attributable to building works. Evidence collected by an owner or appointed agent may be produced to assist in determining prior damage or disputed damages.

How will I be notified if damage has occurred?

After receiving a request for a final inspection, an Asset Protection Officer will attend and record the condition of public infrastructure assets.

If damage has occurred, Council will address this damage with the permit holder in writing. We will outline the damage that has occurred. The permit holder must advise what action will be taken to complete the reinstatement.

Can I reinstate damage using my own contractors?

Council assets can be reinstated specifications by an experienced contractor under Council supervision. Before carrying out any reinstatement work, you or your contractor must obtain the appropriate permits from our works permits department.

How do I get the security bond refunded?

After completing the building works, fill out the request for final inspection and refund form. We will then carry out a final inspection of the public infrastructure assets. If we are satisfied that no damage has occurred, or that damage has been reinstated to our satisfaction, we will refund the security bond to the person that lodged it.

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