Request the Location of your Stormwater Discharge Point

 What is a stormwater discharge point?

  • A location that Council allocates for you to connect your property drainage into the Council drainage network.
  • This point of discharge is where all of your property's water drainage is to be directed and/or connected, including overflow from rainwater tanks.
  • If you are applying for a building permit, you must also request the location of your stormwater discharge point for the property.
  • New! You can now apply online for this information.
  • Once you have requested the location of your stormwater discharge point, if you need to create a new pipe connection you must also apply for a drainage tapping and/or road opening permits.


Application process

  1. Complete the online form below (including a $67 fee)
  2. If you request additional information about pipe depth, you will receive an invoice for the $100 additional fee, or, if the information does not exist, you will receive notification that the information is not available. 
  3. Within 10 business days you will receive a report detailing the location of your stormwater discharge point.


Request the location of your stormwater discharge point online

To request the location of your stormwater discharge point online, you will need to supply:

  • The address that you need the location of the stormwater discharge point
  • Your contact details
  • Upload a copy of the site plan for that property (if available)
  • Your credit card details (to pay the upfront fee of $67)

 Request the location of your stormwater discharge point

 If you are unable to apply online, download and complete the Location of your Stormwater Discharge Point Application Form (696KB) and submit it to Council via:


What will you receive when you request the location of your stormwater discharge point?

You will receive a report that includes:

  • a diagram that indicates the location that Council has allocated as the stormwater discharge point for that property
  • information about the depth of Council stormwater pipes on the property (optional, for an additional cost)*

*Please note that the additional information about depth of pipes does not always exist for older developed properties and therefore cannot always be provided.

What the report will not include:

  • details of your internal house or building draining network (for this information you may need to investigate on the site or refer to your building site designs or request building plans from Council)
  • information or advice about sewerage pipes (for this information contact South East Water


Need more information?

For more information about drainage:

  • Look on the Dial Before you Dig webpage for general information about infrastructure that may be underneath your property (
  • Call Council and ask to speak to our helpful Engineering Services Staff


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