Apply for an Asset Protection Permit

What is an Asset Protection Permit? 

  • Asset protection is about protecting public infrastructure assets such as footpaths, vehicle crossovers, nature strips, road pavements, kerbs, signage, street lights, stormwater drains and street trees during building works.
  • An Asset Protection Permit is valid for 2 years and assists Council to ensure these assets are not damaged as a result of building work. The permit also helps to ensure the safety of the community and reduce liability at building sites.
  • If damage occurs during the building process, the owner/builder is responsible for the repairs.

Application process

  1. Contact your builder to find out if they will apply for the permit on your behalf.
  2. Apply for an Asset Protection Permit at least 7 days before your building works are due to begin (including a $230 fee and $1000 bond)
  3. You will receive your Asset Protection Permit
  4. Begin your building works
  5. Once your building works are complete, Apply for your bond refund
  6. A Council Officer will do an inspection outside your building site
  7. Your bond will be refunded in full (after you have made any necessary repairs)

Apply for an Asset Protection Permit 

To apply, you will need to supply:

  • Download, print and complete the Asset Protection Application Form (617KB)

  • Pay a fee of $230 and bond of $1000 by credit/debit card (Please note: for large or commercial building works, the bond may vary after being assessed by Council.)

When to apply for an Asset Protection Permit

You must apply for an Asset Protection Permit at least 7 days before your building works are due to begin for the following types of building works:

  • All demolitions

  • Building works valued at $20,000 or more

  • Pool or spa works valued at $10,000 or more

Apply for your bond refund 

When your building works are finished, you can apply for your bond to be refunded. Before your refund will be approved, a Council Officer will do an inspection of Council assets outside your building site to confirm that any damage has been repaired to Council standard.

To apply online for your bond refund, you will need to supply:

  • Your contact details (Please note: the bond will only be refunded to the person who made the original bond payment)

  • Your building site address

  • Your bank account details (for the bond to be returned to)

  • Upload a copy of your Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy    


Apply online for your bond refund


If you are unable to apply online, download and complete the Asset Protection Request for Final Inspection (229KB) and submit it to Council via one of the ways listed above.

What happens if some damage has occurred?

If any damage has occurred to Council assets during your building works, Council will identify this when we inspect the site. We will send you a notice outlining the damage and your options for repairing it.

For more information, please call Council and ask to speak to our helpful Engineering Services staff, or refer to the local Legislation.

Contact Us

For further information, contact Engineering Services at Frankston City Council
30 Davey Street
Frankston 3199
P. 1300 322 322

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