Pools and Spas Registration

New Swimming Pool and Spa Laws 

New safety laws for private pool and spa owners will be introduced by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) from 1 December 2019.

The new laws aim to reduce incidences of young children drowning in private swimming pools and spas.

The change in legislation incorporates all pools and spas with a depth of at least 300mm which includes relocatable/temporary pools and spas.

The new safety laws will require;

  • Mandatory registration of all swimming pools and spas
  • A new compliance regime to improve swimming pool and spa safety

The DELWP is finalising the regulations in relation to swimming pool and spa barriers. Amongst other things, the regulations will impose mandatory obligations on property owners to register their swimming pools and spas with Council.

At this stage not all information regarding this process is known by Council, however we will continue to communicate details to you as they become available.

Mandatory Registration

Under the new legislation, it will be mandatory for all swimming pool and spa owners to register their pools and spas with Council.

Currently owners of swimming pools and spas are not able to formally register their swimming pool or spa with Council. This new registration process will begin 1 December 2019 once the new legislation has been introduced.

All existing owners of existing swimming pools and spas must register their swimming pool or spa by 14 April 2020.

New Compliance Regime

After registration, Council will advise pool and spa owners of the new regulations upon assessment of certain information including the date of construction of the swimming pool or spa.

Owners will then be required to engage a certified swimming pool and spa inspector to inspect and certify the compliance of their safety barrier every three years.

Council will be tasked to ensure all pool and spa owners comply with the new requirements with penalties for non-compliance.


The Victorian Building Authority’s pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklist:

To help you prepare for the mandatory registration of pools and spas, please review the checklists provided by the Victorian Building Authority.


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