Building Permits

Building Permits

A Building Permit is generally required for all building works.

Building Permits Introduction

Building Permits Introduction

Who can Issue a Building Permit and what are the conditions?

Building Fact Sheets

Building Permits, Fact Sheets and Checklist

Information to getting started and the forms required.

Fire Safety Services and Measurement (ESM’s)

Fire Safety Services and Measures (ESMs)

Further information can be obtained from the CFA and the VBA.



General information about planning and building requirements for fences.

Boarding, Rooming House, Guest House or Hostel

Guest, Boarding, Rooming House or Hostel

A Building Permit is generally required.

Owner-Builder for Domestic Works

Owner-Builder for Domestic Works

Information for Owner-Builders for domestic and commercial works.

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Parks Crossing Permit

A permit is required when seeking access to a property through parks, reserves, links owned and managed by Council.


Pools and Spas Building Permits

Information regarding pool and spa regulations.

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