Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plans

What is a TMP?

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) ensures road and footpath users are kept safe during building works. It sets out how road users will be safely and efficiently guided through a roadwork site and ensures network performance is not impacted during works.

A TMP is prepared in advance and is generally subject to auditing before and after building works.

What is a PMP?

A Pedestrian Management Plan (PMP) ensures footpath users are kept safe during building works. It includes details on how pedestrians and residents can safely access footpaths through a roadwork site. 

A PMP is prepared in advance and is generally subject to auditing before and after building works.

Do I need a TMP or PMP?

If your proposed building works are likely to occupy land, road, street or footpath, you will need to submit a Traffic Management Plan with your building permit or application.

The TMP must demonstrate how you will manage your works and ensures Council that the work will be conducted in a safe manner for:

  • motorists
  • pedestrians
  • residents.

It is important to note that if the road you’re working on is managed by VicRoads, you will need to make sure you comply with VicRoads' traffic management requirements.

If your works do not impact traffic, you will be required to submit a Pedestrian Management Plan to ensure that the public remain safe during your works.

The PMP must demonstrate how your works will be conducted in a safe manner for:

  • pedestrians
  • residents that may be impacted.

These requirements are set out in the Road Management Act 2004 (Vic).

Who can prepare a TMP or PMP? 

All plans submitted to us should be prepared by a suitably qualified professional.

Traffic Management Plans or Pedestrian Management Plans for minor works do not need to be professionally drawn up. However, they must however comply with the Frankston City Council Traffic Management Plan(PDF, 101KB) .

How do I submit a TMP or PMP?

You must submit your plan at least 5 days before commencing works. It must include details on:

  • type of work
  • time and duration of works
  • risk assessment
  • local traffic conditions
  • major traffic control items such as changes in speed limit and traffic signals.

Written consent from VicRoads is required for the erection of major traffic control items. You must submit a Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) application with VicRoads to use these items.

You can submit a plan with your relevant permit application, or get in touch with our Infrastructure team to submit via mail, email or in person.

How will it be assessed?

We will assess your plan to ensure it meets the requirements and guidelines set out in the Road Management Act.

If approved, you will receive a letter of consent.

We may contact you to seek further information. If your application is rejected, you will be notified and may resubmit your application with a revised set of plans.

You cannot commence building work until your application has been approved.

It is the responsibility of individual contractors and authority to ensure plans are successfully implemented.

More information

View more information related to traffic management on the VicRoads website.