Works in a Road Reserve

What is a Road Reserve?

The road reserve includes the nature strip, vehicle crossing, footpath, kerb, channel and street.


All proposed works within a road reserve require a permit to be taken out. The appropriate application must be filled out along with a drawing or description of the proposed works to be assessed for approval.

Paths Development Plan 2020 

View the Paths Development Plan 2020(PDF, 1MB)

In addition to providing recreation and exercise benefits, the availability of footpaths and shared paths provide essential access to such destinations as schools, shops and workplaces.  Council already manages nearly 1,000 kilometres of formed paths to successfully meet these needs.  However, there are parts of Frankston where the paths network has gaps that need filling in, or where roadside footpaths are absent entirely.  In a few instances, access to destinations can also be improved by creating all weather surfaces through parks and reserves.

The principal purpose of the Frankston Paths Development Plan (PDP) is to assist Council in identifying and prioritising paths projects in order to program, fund and complete Frankston’s pathway network.  The 2020 PDP revises and updates the first Plan approved by Council in 2015.

Road Opening Permit

A Road Opening Permit is a permit for digging or excavation within the road reserve (this includes the nature strip, footpath, kerb, channel and street).

Apply for a Road Opening Permit

Nature Strip Planting Permit

A Nature Strip Planting Permit is issued by Council to residents who wish to beautify and plant on the nature strip directly outside their residence.

Apply for a Nature Strip Planting Permit

Vehicle Crossing Permit

Property owners must get a Vehicle Crossing Permit when planning to remove, change or upgrade an existing crossing or to construct a new vehicle crossing. A vehicle crossing is the council approved access point into a property from the property boundary to the street.

Apply for a Vehicle Crossing Permit

Drainage Tapping Permit

A Drainage Tapping Permit is required whenever there is a proposed new or alternative pipe connection to a Frankston City Council stormwater discharge point.

Apply for a Drainage Tapping Permit