Traffic Management

Local Area Traffic Management

Unnecessary use of local roads ("rat running") and irresponsible driving behaviors - especially speeding - make local area traffic management a necessary priority for Frankston City Council's Transportation team.

To ensure council funds are allocated to the regions most in need of treatment, council's Transportation team compiles a priority listing of hundreds of streets within the municipality. Each street is ranked according to several factors including 85th percentile speed (the speed below which 85% of vehicles travel), crash history, abutting land use and traffic volumes.

Additionally, each street is assigned to a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) precinct. This priority listing is continuously updated, and Council undertakes one or two LATM studies each year, depending on budget, in the highest ranked precincts.

LATM studies aim to:

  • Discourage through-traffic from using the local area
  • Improve the safety of local streets for all road users (including cyclists and pedestrians) by reducing traffic speeds
  • Reduce the incidence and potential for crashes within the precinct
  • Address the traffic concerns of the community whilst maintaining good levels of accessibility for local residents, local businesses and emergency services
  • Maximise the benefits to the community of available funding, by giving priority to locations with severe crash histories and the greatest level of community concern.

Current Local Area Traffic Management Study

Frankston City Council is undertaking a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study of the McCormicks Precinct as part of its ongoing Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) program.

Read more about the Current Local Area Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan (Works on Roads)

Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for roadwork sites provide a means of planning and implementing how all road users will be safely and efficiently guided through a roadworks site and ensure the network performance is not unduly impacted, for the duration of the works.

TMPs are prepared in advance of the works being conducted and are generally subject to auditing before and/or after implementation.

Do I need a TMP?


Under the Road Management Act, it is required that any works within the road reserve must be undertaken only with the consent of responsible road authority.

Frankston City Council provides its consent to undertake such works only at satisfactory submission of TMP prepared by qualified company/person.

TMP Procedure (Assessment)

TMPs must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the start of works for review by Council engineers.
For efficient and timely process, it is required that TMPs shall be submitted along with all the requisite information such as type of work, time and duration of works, risk assessment, local traffic conditions, major traffic control items such as changes in speed limit and traffic signals.

Written consent from VicRoads is required for erection of major traffic control items and independent application has to be submitted to VicRoads to seek Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) to use such items.
Further information in regards to submission of application to VicRoads could be obtained from their website
All TMPs are assessed as per the requirements and guidelines set out in the Road Management Act 2004 "Worksite Safety - Traffic Management" Code Of Practice and AS 1742.3 - 2002 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

TMP Consent

A letter of consent is issued to submissions which satisfy requirements. Applicants are notified of the outcome by email/ letter/ fax at the earliest possible opportunity.

The successful implementation of effective TMP is the responsibility of individual contractors/authority at all times.

Council Officers will contact applicants to seek further information in case of incomplete applications, missing information and non complying submissions. In case of rejection of application, applicant will be notified of the reason for rejection.

Applicants are welcome to resubmit their application with the revised set of plans provided all mandatory requirements are satisfied.

TMP Submissions:

Frankston City Council - Infrastructure
P.O. Box 490 Frankston
Victoria Australia 3199