Current Local Area Traffic Management Study

McCormicks Precinct Local Area Traffic Management Study

Frankston City Council is undertaking a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study of the McCormicks Precinct as part of its ongoing Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) program.  Council has been undertaking LATMs in selected precincts within the municipality in order to manage vehicle movements, improve safety and improve amenity.

The study area is bounded by Frankston-Dandenong Road, Hall Road, Wedge Road, and the vacant land adjacent to Taylors Road.


LATM Study Process

Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) is a study process which:

  • Investigates traffic conditions in local streets of a precinct,
  • Involves the community in identifying issues and developing solutions,
  • Considers the impacts of traffic management on an area-wide basis, and
  • Aims to improve amenity.

LATM recognises that streets serve many functions, such as:

  • Providing for vehicle and pedestrian access to properties,
  • Providing for the safe movement of vehicles within and through an area,
  • Providing space for social interaction within a neighbourhood, and
  • Providing access for emergency and service vehicles.

Community Participation

Community participation is essential to help finalise the recommended LATM plan. All community members are strongly encouraged to get involved in one of the following ways:

Review the provided draft LATM plan and accompanying information sheet. Further details, including an electronic version of the plan is available on Council’s Engage Frankston! platform.

Provide your feedback and input via Social Pinpoint, a location based interactive mapping tool (available on both PC and mobile) prior to Friday 30 July 2021 via the link here: (or use the QR code below).

Complete the survey questionnaire online via Social Pinpoint, or complete the hard copy and return to Council’s Engineering Services Department by Friday 30 July 2021. ‘Reply Paid’ envelope is enclosed, or scan and email to

Attend one of the two Community Drop-in Sessions, to be held virtually from 2pm-4pm, and 5pm-7pm on Thursday 22th July 2021. Join the virtual drop in session

At the drop-in sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the draft LATM Plan and provide further input into the plan.

Resident Traffic Committee

The study includes an extensive community consultation process to involve the local community in identifying traffic issues and provide opportunities for community feedback on the developed traffic proposals.  The community consultation process has included the formation of a traffic study group comprising community volunteers and Council officers.

The role of community volunteers will be to provide local information, act as a contact for the local community and to provide feedback in the development of traffic management plans for the area.

Current Status

The draft LATM Plan has been developed. The final community consultation phase to seek feedback on the draft LATM Plan is underway, and closes on Friday 30 July 2021.

Next Steps

Following the consultation period, all responses will be collated and used to prepare the final LATM Plan. A report on the McCormicks Precinct LATM Study will be presented to Council for consideration at its Council meeting on Monday 20 September 2021 along with the final LATM Plan. Prior to the Council meeting, you may request the opportunity to make a submission to Council in relation to the matter if you wish to do so.