Street Signs

Local Street Signs

Installation and maintenance of your street signs include;

  • Regulatory
  • Hazard
  • Parking
  • Service
  • Information

Street Name Blades

New blades now comply with the Australian Standard and can be seen on every street corner, Council is currently retiring the timber post type as they are non conforming.

School Crossings

Getting children to and from school safely is a key priority for the safety of our future generations. Each year council enhancement works activities identify, maintain and repair the 80 sites for the 60 primary and secondary schools. 

Special Community Signs

These are blue signs with white writing that prompt and direct the public to a venue. Approval by Council is required the owner may be charged costs.

New Signs: Stop / Give Way

Evaluation for need is based on criteria set out by Vic Roads, Councils Traffic Engineer makes recommendation to Vic Roads for installation. Council is attempting to limit the proliferation of signs & the subsequent maintenance costs.

Parking Control Signs

Erection of new parking signs require compliance approval from our Traffic Engineering Staff, contact 9784 1888.

Pavement and Line Markings

To ensure road users safety the council installs reflective pavement markers, such as "cats eyes". These reflectors assist drivers in finding their destinations safely.

Safety First

Please report any sign, safety barriers or road markings in a road reserve that appears to be:

  • Missing
  • Damaged
  • Eligible
  • Misleading
  • Redundant
  • Of an advertising nature

As soon as possible in order to minimise the risk to resident's and the travelling public safety.