Nature Strips

A nature strip is the strip of public land between a property boundary and the adjacent roadway. The area is typically grassed with one or more street trees present and houses services such as water, sewerage, power, gas, internet etc beneath them. They also provide an area for waste collection, the postal services, viewing lines for pedestrians and safe entry and exit clearances for motor vehicles.

Responsibility for general presentation and upkeep of nature strip is the responsibility of the resident with the exception of street trees. This includes mowing of lawns for aesthetic presentation, weed control, blowing/sweeping for leaf litter and debris etc. This is considered above and beyond the standards required of local government to undertake according to the Road Management Act.

Council obligations in accordance with Road Management Act 2004 address risk management. Further details on inspection and maintenance standards can be found within the Council adopted Road Management Plan 

Below are the typical reasons Council will take remedial action on a resident’s nature strip:

  • Street Tree Maintenance and inspection including pruning of roads footpaths and electrical lines.
  • Weeds/grass representing a fire hazard should not exceed 500mm in height. This is typically applied only during the fire danger period.
  • Clearing of weeds/grass impacting trafficable envelope requirements for paths and roads
  • Pruning vegetation effecting line of site for traffic.

Residents may also apply for a permit to plant within their nature strip: Apply Here