Apply for a Road Opening Permit

What is a Road Reserve?

A Road Reserve in a local street is made up of a Council managed road, nature strip and footpath. All works in a Road Reserve that is managed by Council (other than general maintenance such as mowing, weeding, picking up litter) require the approval of Council.

To see a listing of what roads are Council managed please see our Road Management Plan.


What is a Road Opening Permit?

A Road Opening Permit is a permit for digging or excavation within the road reserve (this includes the nature strip, footpath, kerb, channel and street).

A permit is required in order to protect public safety, minimise damage to Council assets and ensure reinstatement works comply with construction standards and specifications.

You must apply for a permit for every project/job you undertake. 

Works must not commence (including excavation) until your permit has been issued. Once issued your permit for work is valid for 12 months. 

Please note that failure to obtain a permit from Council may result in an infringement notice.

Please note if you are conducting works on a vehicle crossing you will require a Vehicle Crossing Permit

Ground Anchors

You must obtain a Road Opening Permit when the temporary anchors are proposed on Council owned or controlled land including road reserves.

No ground anchors will be considered within the top three (3) metres of the road reserve as measured from the road surface at the site boundary line. Council may increase or decrease this depth depending on the details of adjacent services or structures.

All ground anchors must have a minimum clearance of one (1) metre from any adjacent underground service.

A work method statement showing how ground anchors will be installed and tendons removed should be provided.

Permanent anchors within Council land will not be permitted. Tendon/s of any ground anchors must be removed.

To install ground anchors on private property, you will need the approval of the relevant property owner.

When do I need a Road Opening Permit?

If you're undertaking any work that involves the road reserve you will need to obtain a Road Opening Permit.

In most cases Road Opening Permits are issued for the following types of works:

  • Service Authority Works
  • Roadside excavation
  • Constructing Service Road or Slip Lane
  • Drainage and Service Connections
  • Wet Tapping (for more information please visit South East Water)
  • Temporary Ground Anchors

Do I need to submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

You will be required to submit a Traffic Management Plan to Council for review and approval for road or footpath closures or detours during your works. 

The Traffic Management Plan must demonstrate how you will manage your works and ensures Council that the work will be conducted in a safe manner for:

  • Motorists
  • Pedestrians
  • Residents that may be impacted

It is important to note that if the road you’re working on is managed by VicRoads you will need to make sure you comply with VicRoads traffic management requirements.

Do I need to submit a Pedestrian Management Plan (PMP)? 

If your works do not impact traffic you will be required to submit a Pedestrian Management Plan to ensure that the public remain safe during your works.

The Pedestrian Management Plan must demonstrate how you will manage your works and ensures Council that the work will be conducted in a safe manner for:

  • Pedestrians
  • Residents that may be impacted

Do I need to have my TMP or PMP drawn up by a professional?

Traffic Management Plans and Pedestrian Management Plans for minor works do not need to be professionally drawn up. They must however comply with Frankston City Council Traffic Management Plan(PDF, 101KB)

How much does it cost to apply for a Road Opening Permit? 

The total cost of a Road Opening Permit is $164.40 (non refundable).

How do I apply?

Before applying please make sure you have read and understood Frankston City Councils Reinstatement Standards(PDF, 1MB).

Please contact Dial Before You Dig to confirm whether or not there are any underground services that may be impacted by your proposed works. 

To submit your application for a Road Opening Permit online, you will need to make sure you have the following information ready:

  1. The location of the Road Opening
  2. Your contact details
  3. A description of the proposed works
  4. A Traffic Management Plan or Pedestrian Management Plan (if required).
  5. Estimated date of completion.
  6. Your credit card details to pay the permit fee of $164.40 (non-refundable).

Apply for a Road Opening Permit

If you are unable to apply online, download and complete the Application for a Road Opening Permit(PDF, 693KB) and submit it to Council via one the below options:

  • Email to
  • Post to Frankston City Council PO Box 490, Frankston Vic, 3199
  • In person at one of our customer service centres

What happens after I apply and pay for my Road Opening Permit? 

  1. Once we receive your application and payment, we will process your permit within 5 working days.
  2. Once you receive your permit (along with Councils requirements), you can begin your road opening works.
  3. Once your works are completed please send an email to
  4. A Council Officer will conduct an inspection to ensure reinstatement has been done correctly.

*Please note – if you change you works in any way from your original application, you must notify Council before commencing any works.

Need more information?

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