Apply for a Nature Strip Planting Permit

What is a Nature Strip? 

A Nature Strip is the area of the road reserve, between the property boundary and the kerb or street. Nature Strips provide many benefits including:

  • open space to allow clear viewing lines for pedestrians, vehicle traffic and cyclists at intersections and driveways
  • safe direct access for service personnel, such as postal and service maintenance staff
  • provide a location for the placement of rubbish, recycling bins and underground services
  • soften the effect of hard surfaces such as the road, footpath and driveway and allow for the growth of street trees

In most cases the residents maintain the Nature Strip outside their property with regular mowing, weeding and picking up litter.

What is a Nature Strip Planting Permit?

A Nature Strip Planting Permit is issued by Council to residents who wish to beautify and plant on the Nature Strip directly outside their residence.

Council supports the beautification of Nature Strips, provided the planting is within the Development Planting within Road Reserve(PDF, 4MB).

Types of Nature Strip development may include:

  • Tree Removal
  • Planting
  • Digging
  • Ground levelling
  • Excavation

Do I need a Nature Strip Planting Permit?

If you’re undertaking any of the above works on the Nature Strip in front of your property you will need a Nature Strip Planting Permit. Permits will only be issued if you are the property owner.

The purpose of this permit is to ensure that Nature Strip designs do not interfere with access so public safety is protected as well as ensuring that any development enhances the overall character of the neighbourhood. 

Council advises that you contact Dial Before You Dig for information on the location of underground infrastructure within the Nature Strip. This will ensure that development and planting doesn't interfere or damage underground assets. 

Please be aware that the following items are not permitted under any circumstances:

Do I need any other Permits or Permissions?

If your proposed design includes the removal of existing trees you will need to speak to our Planning & Environment Department to determine whether or not a Planning Permit will be required in addition to the Nature Strip Planting Permit. 

You may require a Pedestrian Management Plan to ensure that the public remain safe during your works.

The Traffic/Pedestrian Management Plan must demonstrate how you will manage your works and ensures Council that the work will be conducted in a safe manner for pedestrians and any residents that may be impacted. 

Traffic Management Plans and Pedestrian Management Plans do not need to be professionally drawn up. They must however comply with Frankston City Council Traffic Management Plan Standard Conditions(PDF, 101KB)

*Please note that failure to apply for a permit from Council may result in an infringement notice.

Where can I find information about low growing plants and services for my Nature Strip?

When selecting low growing plants for your proposed design Council encourages you to use native/ indigenous plants that are local to your area.

The Frankston Indigenous Nursery is a community nursery, specialising in producing quality indigenous plants from all around the municipality.

For further information, including Councils Indigenous Plant Guide please visit our Frankston Indigenous Nursery page.

How much does it cost to apply for a Nature Strip Planting Permit?

The total cost for a Nature Strip Planting Permit is $164.40 (non-refundable).

How do I apply?

To apply for a Nature Strip Planting Permit online below, you will need to supply the following:

  1. Property owner details
  2. Estimated date of completion of works
  3. A detailed site plan showing us your proposed design and how it meets Councils requirements and a list of selected low growing plants
  4. Your credit card details to make the payment of $164.40 (non refundable)

Works must not commence until a permit has been issued (this includes the removal of vegetation and excavation). Once issued your permit will be valid for 12 months.

Apply for a Nature Strip Planting Permit

If you are unable to apply online, download and complete the Application for a Nature Strip Planting Permit(PDF, 702KB). and submit it to Council via one the below options:

  • Email to
  • Post to Frankston City Council PO Box 490, Frankston Vic, 3199
  • In person at one of our customer service centres

What happens after I apply for my Nature Strip Planting Permit?

  1. Once we receive your application and payment we will process your permit within 5 working days. 
  2. Once you receive your permit you can commence your works (please ensure any conditions have been met) 
  3. Council will conduct a final inspection. 

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