Frankston Planning Scheme Review

The Frankston Planning Scheme sets out policies and requirements for the use, development and protection of land within Frankston City Council.

Every four years, Council undertakes a review of the Frankston Planning Scheme.  This is to make sure it is kept up-to-date and is able to respond to emerging planning issues and challenges. The draft Planning Scheme Review 2019 was adopted at the Council meeting held on 2 September 2019 and is now being reported to the Minister for Planning.

The final report will inform Council’s Strategic Planning work program for the next four years. The Planning Scheme Review report will be implemented by a Planning Scheme Amendment that will follow. This will require the approval of the Minister for Planning in order to make the recommended changes to the Frankston Planning Scheme.

Please read the report of the Frankston Planning Scheme Review 2019 below: