Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan

As a designated Metropolitan Activity Centre, Frankston is emerging as one of Melbourne’s most important commercial precincts, transforming itself into a vibrant new ‘city away from the city.’

The Frankston city centre represents a unique and strategic asset for Melbourne, with the opportunity to establish itself as the key economic and social hub within the south east. The centre’s waterfront location combined with existing transport, education, health, retail and recreational infrastructure underpins Frankston’s potential to facilitate not only its own economic growth, but also the broader Mornington Peninsula and surrounding residential areas.

To ensure that the centre develops to its full potential over the next 20 years, Council is preparing a new Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC) Stucture Plan that will supersede the existing 2015 version.

The FMAC Structure Plan will develop a framework to guide land use and development within the city centre over the next 20 years, providing a framework for the metropolitan activity centre with clear direction on the following:

  • Housing
  • Population
  • Urban design
  • Employment
  • Retail and commercial activity
  • Environment
  • Social and physical infrastructure
  • Movement and accessibility

Further information about this project will be made available here shortly.