Frankston City Green Wedge Management Plan

Council and the community have been involved in the preparation of a Green Wedge Management Plan covering the non-urban areas of the Frankston municipality.  This plan was adopted by Council at its meeting of 14 October 2019.

The purpose of the Green Wedge Management Plan is to provide a strategic framework for the ongoing protection and management of the green wedge within the City of Frankston.  The Green Wedge Management Plan provides a 20 year vision for the whole of the green wedge.  This vision has a focus on sustainable uses, agriculture, biodiversity links, passive recreation facilities and open space.

In response to the diversity of the non-urban areas, the Green Wedge Management Plan divides the green wedge area into six precincts, each with its own vision, to better reflect and provide future strategic directions for each area.

A copy of the Green Wedge Management Plan and all related documents can be access on the right-hand side panel.

The agenda report and minutes for the 14 October 2019 meeting can be found via our website Council Agendas and Minutes Page.

Frankston Green Wedge Precinct Map

Planning Scheme Amendment C140

Planning Scheme Amendment C140 has been prepared and proposed to include the Green Wedge management Plan, October 2019 as a reference document within the Frankston Planning Scheme.  This amendment was submitted to the Department of Environment, Water Land and Planning on 21 February 2020 requesting the Minister for Planning to authorise public exhibition of the amendment.

Once authorisation from the Minister is received, the Planning Scheme Amendment will be placed on public exhibition at which time interested parties may make submissions to Council.


Development of the Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan has involved extensive community consultation over the past two years which included consultation on an Issues and Opportunities Paper and a draft Green Wedge Management Plan.

The consultation process and submissions received during that time have assisted in shaping the strategic directions and actions of the Green Wedge Management Plan.

An overview of the consultation process and issues raised in submissions is included in the Plan.

Why Prepare a Green Wedge Management Plan

Frankston’s Green Wedge covers an area of 4,500 hectares of land and represents all the land outside the Urban Growth Boundary.  Frankston’s green wedge is strategically located within the South-East Green Wedge that covers parts of Carrum Downs, Frankston North, Skye and Langwarrin and within the Mornington Peninsular Green Wedge that covers parts of Langwarrin South and Frankston South.

Frankston’s green wedge is an important asset for the city in terms of sustainable land use and management, biodiversity protection, extractive industries and landscape amenity.

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 is the Victorian Government’s long-term planning strategy for metropolitan Melbourne.  It provides directions on Melbourne’s Green Wedges and the preparation of Green Wedge Management Plans in the form of Planning Practice Note 31.

Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) identifies the Frankston Green Wedge as one of the key non-urban areas designated in the state government’s metropolitan strategy (Plan Melbourne 2017-2050) and that it contains a wide range of environmental, economic and social values. The various future roles of the Green Wedge land will need to be further defined and protected.

The Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) of the Frankston Planning Scheme contains objectives that relate to the future management and protection of the Frankston Green Wedge.

The Green Wedge area is essential to the long term sustainability of Frankston and the wider south-eastern metropolitan and Peninsula areas. It is expected that the Frankston GWMP will help to ensure the diverse values of the Frankston Green Wedge are available for the enjoyment of future generations.

The future planning and development of the Frankston Green Wedge will enable the area to fulfil a distinctive and important role for the greater South-Eastern area of Melbourne. It is anticipated that the GWMP will provide stronger and clearer guidance is needed for making land use planning and development decisions in the green wedge.