Advertised Planning Permit Applications - View and Make a Submission

The way land is used or developed can sometimes affect nearby residents and the wider community. 

While some applications are exempt from being publicly advertised, others may require notice to people who may be affected. In these cases, Council will advertise the Planning Permit Application to nearby residents through mailing notices to nearby property residents and owners, and/or display of a sign on site. For some applications a notice may be printed in a newspaper available in Frankston (e.g. The Herald Sun).

If you have concerns about a Planning Permit Application (and a public notice advertisement has been issued) you can lodge an objection with Council. Objections can be lodged online with Council by the specified due date on the public notice advertisement of the application. 

If you are happy with the Planning Permit Application, you do not need to take any action, however you can make a submission to Council to support of the application below.

Before you lodge a submission

Before lodging an objection or supporting a Planning Application Council asks that you:

  1. Carefully review the plans and documents for the application and consider whether or not the proposed plan may affect you. 
  2. Think about how the proposed changes will affect you personally and provide comments explaining how you believe the proposal will affect the enjoyment of your property.


  • Section 57(5) of the Act requires that objections or submissions are made available for any person to inspect free of charge until the end of the period during which an application for review can be made to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, or an application for review is determined or withdrawn. Copies of objections or submissions may also be provided.
  • Personal information will only be used and disclosed as authorised by law. For further details about how Council handles personal information, or to request access to your information, see Council’s privacy policy at or contact Council’s Privacy Officer on 1300 322 322.

How do I View Applications or make a Submission of Objection or Support?

You can view details of currently advertised Planning Applications and lodge a submission of objection or support by clicking ‘Make a Submission’ below.

Plans are available for online viewing for a minimum of 14 days, after which Council will make an assessment and decision. Council will not make a decision on the application before the advertising expiry date.

Please note, you can still make a submission of objection or support during the assessment period.

Make your Submission

When you make your submission below, you will be given the following two options:

  1. Planning Permit Register
  2. Planning Permit Applications (Public Notifications) - Select this option if you want to View or lodge a Submission of Objection or Support.

Please note, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your residential property address 
  • Your name and contact details 
  • Supporting documents for your lodgement (if applicable) 

View Applications or Make a Submission

Alternatively you can complete an Objection to Planning Permit Application Form(PDF, 736KB) or make a Submission to a Planning Application 

Submissions with multiple signatories are recognised as one objection.

Only the first signatory will be registered as an objector and provided with correspondence concerning the application.

What happens next?

  1. Once Council receives your submission, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received it. 
  2. Council will take all valid objections into consideration before making a decision. 
  3. Council may invite you and others who lodge an Objection to the same Planning Application to a Residents Discussion Meeting. Here you can discuss your concerns and identify any opportunities to address them directly with the application. 
  4. If Council decides to issue the Planning Permit, you will receive a 'Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit'.
  5. If you wish to contest Council's decision, you will have 28 days to lodge an application for review with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Council (VCAT). If no application for review is made, Council will issue the Planning Permit (note certain types of planning applications are exempt from appeal rights to VCAT).