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Below are more capital works projects that are currently being undertaken.

Stotts Lane, Frankston South - Path Construction Works

IMG_4199-min.JPG Project Update (02/09/21): Construction of the new concrete path and kerbing is complete. Peripheral works will be conducted to reinstate and seed nature strips, earth bank stabilisation along sections of the path. Some road resurfacing will be progressively undertaken over the next 2-3 weeks.

Frankston City Council is undertaking the construction of a  new concrete path along western side of the Stotts Lane between Golf links Road and Escarpment Drive as a part of its Capital Works Program between late May and August 2021.

The proposed footpath has been identified in Council’s Footpath Strategy as a high priority and in response to a number of requests received from the local community and schools. This new paved path will greatly improve pedestrian and cyclists safety along Stotts Lane. 

The works include 1.5 to 2.5 metre wide plain grey concrete footpath along western side of Stotts Lane between Golf links Road and Escarpment Drive including some vegetation removal and construction of retaining wall where necessary. An aerial map showing the proposed alignment and the concept designs of the footpath have been prepared and are available to view under the Related Documents section.

Brighton Street - Reconstruction

The Project - Frankston City Council is completing the Brighton Street Reconstruction and Traffic improvement works between Humphries Road and Baden Powell Drive, Frankston South.

Why is this project needed?

Brighton Street was included in the Sweetwater Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study in 2019 and 2020. The study identified a number of community concerns with traffic in the area, including rat running, heavy traffic volumes, excessive speed limits and pedestrian safety, due to having no footpath along Brighton Street. The traffic treatments being implemented along Brighton Street will improve safety for residents, the local community, pedestrians and road users.

Scope of works

The Scope of works includes, but not limited to:

  • Construction of a new concrete footpath on the north side along the even numbered properties of Brighton Street, between Humphries Road and Baden Powell Drive
  • Construction of exposed aggregate footpath and retaining wall along Humphries Road near Brighton Street will connect to the existing broader path network along Humphries Road
  • Convert part of Brighton Street to be one way (eastbound) for vehicle traffic between Humphries Road and Norman Avenue, to be achieved through a realignment of the kerb line and narrowing of the existing road width
  • Modify Humphries Road and Norman Avenue, where intersecting with Brighton Street, to suit the one way traffic direction
  • Modify the Hotham Street intersection to only allow a right turn into Brighton Street;
  • Install a Bus suited Flat-Top speed hump outside No.9/No.16 and No.58/No.55 Brighton Street
  • Construction of indented car parking bays on north side of Brighton Street between Norman Avenue and Baden Powell Drive
  • Installation of new underground stormwater drainage pipes, between Humphries Road and Baden Powell Drive
  • Asphalt resurfacing works between Humphries Road and Norman Avenue

This infrastructure project supports the Victorian Government’s objectives to develop markets for recovered materials and use recycled materials in products and infrastructure.

The project recycles the following materials as part of this objective:

‘Replas – Polyrok’ - Concrete with a substitute stone made from recycled soft plastics, will be used to construct pedestrian footpath, kerb and channel and indented parking bays along Brighton Street.

For more information on Polyrok, please visit

‘The Green Pipe’ – These 100% recycled soft plastics are used to build stormwater drainage pipes.

For more information on The Green Pipe, please visit

‘Downer Group – Reconophalt’ – The Asphalt road pavement at Brighton Street will be resurfaced using Reconophalt, made from recycled contents such as soft plastics, waste glass, crumb rubber from end of life tyres, waste toner from printer cartridges and reclaimed asphalt from end-of-life roads. For more information on Reconophalt, please visit

Project Funding

Council has allocated a budget of $710,000 excluding GST in the current 2020/21 financial year Capital Works Program.

Council received a $300,000 grant from the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria to incorporate recycled material as part of the road reconstruction works along Brighton Street, Frankston South. This work will help strengthen markets for recycled materials and is supported by the Victorian Government’s $380 million Recycling Victoria Action Plan to transform our recycling system and create a more prosperous Victoria.

Project Timeline

Works are to commence in February 2021, and will be undertaken between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. The works will be complete by late June 2021 (weather permitting).

How will the works impact Residents and Road Users?

The construction works likely to generate noise and dust, which will be within the EPA’s recommended guidelines. Vehicular access to properties is likely to be affected. Our Contractor aims to provide at least 24 hours’ notice in case of restricted access to your property. Detours will be in place for traffic and public Buses will be re-directed by Picnic Street.


If you have any queries related to this project, please contact Council’s Project Manager, Karamveer Singh on 1300 322 322 or email

Belvedere Reserve Practice Wicket Facility

Frankston City Council is upgrading the existing practice wicket facility at Belvedere Reserve in accordance with Council Sports Development Plan and meets Cricket Victoria facility standards and guidelines. The works involve the demolition of the existing facility and construction of a fully enclosed multi purpose training facility.

The upgrade is a combination of chainmesh and soft netting and provides one cricket lane for general public use and three lanes with retractable netting for club use. The facility is opened up for a variety of training drills by retracting the two retractable curtains.

The facility also includes a path network, power for a bowling machine and drinking fountain with a dog bowl and bottle filling tap.


McClelland Reserve No 1 Soccer Pitch Reconstruction

Frankston City Council is reconstructing the the No 1 soccer pitch at McClelland Reserve in accordance with Council Sports Development Plan and Playing Surface Renewal Program. The existing pitch is constructed on an old tip site and the surface has been deteriorating over many years as the tip material continues to break down causing undulations on the pitch.

The reconstruction methodology involves removing the grass layer (25mm ) and then undertaking a rapid impact compaction (RIC) process to speed up consolidation of the tip material. Once the RIC is completed, the subgrade level will then be raised to finish subgrade level and irrigation and lay flat drainage installed. Following this the pitch will be covered with a 250mm sand layer in preparation for turfing. This methodology raises the finish surface levels compared to the current levels to ensure that we don’t break into the tip material.

The project also includes perimeter drainage, sportsfield fencing, ball stop fencing, new goals and coaches boxes. 




Hall Road Pavement Rehabilitation Works

Frankston City Council is scheduling major roadworks along the east and west bound lanes of Hall Road, between Frankston Dandenong Road and Rowellyn Avenue in Carrum Downs between November 2021 and March 2022.

These roadworks are funded through the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

These roadworks include full depth pavement removal and replacement with asphalt and drainage pipe renewal along sections of Hall Road. These works will restore the current degraded condition of the road pavement and surfacing along both the east and west bound carriageways of Hall Road.

The works will be carried out in stages, with the actual phasing of the works along Hall Road yet to be finalised. These works will cause disruption to traffic for certain periods, and access to properties along Hall Road may also be restricted for a number of days as the works progress.

Traffic control will be in place, to ensure the safety of workers and road users. Vehicle access to the Carrum Downs Shopping Centre will be maintained during the works.

These works are being delivered in addition to Victorian Government projects (through Major Road Projects Victoria) for the Lathams Road Upgrade between Frankston Dandenong Road and Oliphant Way and Hall Road Upgrade between McCormicks Road and Western Port Highway which are scheduled to commence soon after completion of the Council’s road works. Project updates these two major road projects can be found on

October 2021-2022 Update

Download the October Update Flyer Here(PDF, 774KB)

Download the November Update Flyer Here(PDF, 776KB)

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If you have an queries related to this project, please contact Council’s Project Manager, Ashish Bhavsar on 1300 322 322 – or

Related Documents

Railway Parade – Eel Race Road – Raised Pedestrian Crossing and Roundabout Improvements

The Project - Frankston City Council is undertaking the construction of a new raised pedestrian crossing and upgrading the existing roundabout at the intersection of Railway Parade and Eel Race Road as a part of its 2021/22 Capital Works Program.

Why is the project needed?

These works are part of the ongoing implementation of the Seaford Precinct Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) project. The LATM study, undertaken in 2019, aims to improve safety, access and amenity, deter through traffic; and encourage walking and cycling. Engagement with the community is a key component of the LATM process. The input of the community in identifying the issues and needs in their neighbourhood, together with analysis of traffic data and crash data, formed the basis for the development of the LATM scheme.

Scope of Works

Works will include a raised pedestrian crossing and modifications to the roundabout and traffic islands to reduce through speed and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians at the intersection. Electrical works including improved street lighting and removal of a kerbside pole will also be undertaken.

Example Image Raised Pedestrian (Wombat) Crossing.jpg
Example Image Raised Pedestrian (Wombat) Crossing

An overview of the scope of works can be seen in the below plan or download here(PDF, 917KB).

Eel Race-Railway - Plan.jpg

Project Timeline



Works will commence on Monday 20th September 2021 with an estimated duration of approximately 3 weeks.

How will the works impact Residents and Road Users?

During these works the intersection will be fully closed. A map showing the location of the closure and detour routes is provided below.


During the closure there will be no through access and all vehicles including public transport will be required to detour for Northbound and Southbound travel via Nepean Highway.  The closure of the intersection is the safest and most efficient approach to completing these works for workers and the community. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

For any construction site related questions or concerns please contact Blue Peak Constructions at  For any general questions or concerns related to the Seaford Precinct Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Implementation please contact Council’s Project Manager on 1300 322 322 or email

Council appreciates your cooperation and patience during the delivery of these works.

Jubilee Park Kevin Collopy Pavilion Refurbishment

Council are proposing to undertake refurbishment works on this pavilion to include female-friendly change rooms with associated amenities.

Conceptual design work in conjunction with the relevant clubs has been completed and schematic design work is currently underway.

Pat Rollo Reserve Pavilion Redevelopment

Pat Rollo Reserve Pavilion currently accommodates Frankston Pines Junior Football Club, Frankston Pines Football Club (overflow use), Frankston Pines Cricket Club and Auskick.  The existing facility is more than 40 years-old and consists of a combined social and change room area with attached kitchen and toilets. The existing pavilion is in need of significant upgrade to support female use, achieve current building code requirements and meet Frankston City Council sports development plan objectives.  Portable change rooms are currently brought in during the winter season to service the clubs.

This project will deliver a new pavilion at Pat Rollo Reserve which will include:
• Two female friendly change rooms with supporting amenities
• Separate social rooms
• First aid room
• Two umpire change rooms with supporting amenities
• Kitchen/kiosk
• Meeting rooms

Project commenced in April and expected to be completed late January 2022.

Eric Bell Reserve Pavilion Development

The current pavilion was redeveloped a number of years ago. Whilst the redevelopment has improved the facilities it no longer meets the needs of the clubs.

The proposed new pavilion will explore opportunities to provide:
• Female-friendly change rooms to cater for growth in women’s sport
• Community social room
• Meeting room
• Change room
• Storage
• Public toilets
• Kiosk
• Umpires rooms
• First aid room and office on the ground floor. Public toilets will also be located within the new pavilion to cater for all park users

In consultation with the relevant stakeholders a schematic design has been completed to construct a new 2 storey pavilion (demolish the existing).  Discussions are still underway amongst stakeholders to finalise the design.

Monterey Reserve Soccer Pavilion Redevelopment

Frankston City Council in conjunction with Frankston Pines Soccer Club are finalising the design to construct a new sporting pavilion at Monterey reserve Frankston North. The new pavilion will replace existing and provide female friendly facilities including:

• Four change rooms and attached amenities
• Multi-purpose community function room
• Kitchen/Kiosk
• Umpires rooms
• First aid room
• Meeting room

This new pavilion will also allow the inclusion of a new public toilet incorporated within the pavilion.

Key dates

Design will be completed late 2020, with works to commence autumn 2021.

Lloyd Park Netball Pavilion

Located at the entrance of Lloyd Park, Lloyd Park Netball Pavilion is out of date and no longer meets the functional needs for the club.

Renewal of existing Netball Pavilion and extension will provide additional female friendly change rooms and amenities to compliment the recently completed netball courts. The upgrade of this facility will assist to attract more locals to enjoy this national sports.

Council are currently applying for state government funding for this project. Design development for the project is underway.

Lloyd Park Football Pavilion

The Existing Lloyd Park Senior Pavilion is no longer meeting the requirements for the clubs and does not comply with the current building code. The proposed new Pavilion will be built on the existing with a slightly larger footprint to provide clubs new facilities with current and future needs. It also completes the upgrade for sports facilities within Lloyd Park Reserve.

New Senior Pavilion will include the following rooms:

  • Four female friendly change rooms with supporting amenities
  • Large second floor social room
  • First aid rooms
  • Two umpire change rooms with supporting amenities
  • Time Keeper/Media rooms
  • Kitchen and canteens
  • Meeting rooms can accommodate community use

Federal government will partially fund the project as election commitment. The project is currently at the design development stage.

Bruce Park Pavilion

The existing Bruce Park pavilion does not meet the current or future requirements of the existing users nor does it meet current building code requirements.

The proposed new Bruce Park Multipurpose Sports Pavilion will combine the existing tennis clubhouse with the existing cricket and football pavilion to provide a multipurpose, female friendly and all accessible pavilion which will include public amenities for the other reserve users

Bruce Park Pavilion is currently at concept design stage. Council is currently advocating for external funding for this project to progress.