Safe Boat Refuge and Coast Guard Facility

Council has undertaken extensive research, investigations and consultation with community members and relevant authorities over the past 18 months into the possibility of a safe boat refuge within Frankston City to improve Marine Search and Rescue response in the Frankston Region of Port Phillip Bay. 

The proposed safe boat refuge in Frankston City is an important piece of maritime infrastructure that would provide safe retrieval of vessels during extreme weather. In the event of a lifesaving water rescue, services could be coordinated from a location that is protected from the prevailing weather conditions and enables efficient and timely transfer of patients to paramedics and the nearby Frankston Hospital.

A detailed report outlining key findings from these recent investigations was tabled at Council meeting on 14th October 2019 (see 'Related Documents' for a copy of the report). At this meeting, Council reconfirmed its commitment to fund permanent accommodation for Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard by pledging $400,000 in its 2020-2021 Annual Budget to undertake fitout and associated building works to the first floor of the Frankston Yacht Club building.

Due to the scale and size of a proposed safe boat refuge, the strong community interest, and the need for external funding sources, Council has collated its findings from the recent investigations for State and Federal Governments consideration and guidance on the future of a safe boat refuge in Frankston City.

Council will await a response from State and Federal Governments on the future of this proposed project before proceeding any further.

The Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard will continue to operate out of the Frankston Mechanics Hall until their relocation to the Frankston Yacht Club building in January 2021.