What Makes a Good Neighbourhood

Keep your neighbourhood tidy

People are walking and riding more than ever before, so trim your own trees and overhanging branches for greater visibility and pedestrian comfort.

Areas that are dark, overgrown, have unsightly graffiti and contain excessive litter or dumped rubbish is more likely to attract crime and unsociable behavior.

Keep our city beautiful by reporting litter, graffiti, damaged signs or roadways to Council on 1300 322 322.

Remember: Keeping your home and environs safe, clean and tidy will also assist in maintaining higher property values.

Enforcement by Infringement Notices will be issued specifically related to:

  • Cars, trucks and trailers parking on footpaths and access to properties via illegal vehicle crossings, so, do not park on footpaths!
  • Tenants leaving their waste and recycling bins on the street in front of their property for longer than 24 hours after being emptied
  • Depositing unwanted items on the nature strip or leaving them on common property
  • Identification of a Body Corporate Number and contact details sign not clearly displayed.
  • Substantial damage to the nature strip will also attract a warning.
  • Blocking vision or line of sight of vehicles entering or leaving properties will also attract a notice.

Road Management Plan

The Road Management Plan (RMP) is the council's proactive road hazard maintenance plan. This plan is based on legislation; the Road Management Act 2004, that requires roads to be classified, inspected and potential hazards rectified.

For example major roads and bus routes are considered a high priority and attract a more frequent inspection and repair routine than local streets

How the Plan Works

Each year the council reviews its RMP to ensure that it is compliant with current legislation and consistent with the changing needs of the community.

The community is invited to put forward proposals to modify the RMP. These proposals are reviewed by the Road Management Plan Task Force and updated accordingly.

Community meetings are held for your attendance regularly.

Tips to Improve your Neighbourhood

Display Property numbers for easy identification, on House/ kerb and/or letterbox. (Emergency services recommend 100mm high numbers / letters.)

Letterboxes should be clearly visible, marked "Mail Only" to discourage unsolicited material, and even made bigger if larger items are received regularly.

Maintain nature strips by mowing, trimming edges and removing litter, and report damaged or vandalized street trees.

Trim your tree's overhanging branches for greater visibility and pedestrian comfort.


  • Report Rubbish Dumpers
    1300 322 322
  • Crime Stoppers
    1800 333 000
  • Hoon Hotline
    1800 333 000
  • VicRoads
    13 11 70