Street Sweeping Operations

Amenity operations provide services with a view to achieving improved health, safety, functionality and appearance of our city;

  • Local street sweeping
  • Dumped rubbish and dead animal removal
  • Strip shopping centre maintenance

Street sweeping is a vital Council frontline operation in the prevention of tree leaves, cigarette butts, waste litter, drink cans, bottles and dirt particles entering our waterways and catchments.

The municipality is divided into 24 zones for residential street sweeping; two sweeping units service each area on a four-week cycle.

Regular programmed maintenance of recently installed garden beds, cleaning of footpaths, car park line marking, painting of furniture, graffiti removal, straightening signs and litter bin service upgrade will improve the appearance of the municipality.

Residents' perception of Frankston and satisfaction with neighbourhood amenity is largely determined by the cleanliness of the municipality's streetscapes.

The expansion of Frankston City over the next few years will place greater demand on this essential Council service.