Road Maintenance and Reseals

Your council road system has a road transport network of 700km consisting of 665km of sealed roads. Council's program to treat and resurface selected sealed roads is based on a condition assessment rating. Council main roads and bus routes are routinely patrolled to minimise immediate dangers to the travelling public.

State Government Road System

Vic Roads are the road authority for freeways, highways and declared main roads such as Nepean Hwy, Cranbourne Rd and the Frankston Freeway.

Road Management Plan

The Road Management Plan (RMP) is the council's proactive road hazard maintenance plan. This plan has evolved from legislation; the Road Management Act 2004, that requires roads to be classified, inspected and potential hazards rectified within designated time frames. For example bus routes are considered a high priority and attract a more frequent inspection and repair routine.

How the Plan Works

Each year the council reviews its RMP to ensure that it is compliant with current legislation and consistent with the changing needs of the community. The community is invited to put forward proposals to modify the RMP. These proposals are reviewed by the Road Management Plan Task Force and updated accordingly. On average, Council budgets approximately $7 million per annum to the maintenance and renewal of its road network.

Bus Shelter Maintenance

To report any maintenance issues in relation to bus shelters, please call ADSHEL on 1800 501 402 or report issues via the Adshel website.