Report and Consent Dispensation

Information regarding Report and Consent/Dispensation requirements.

Report and Consent is the process for obtaining approval from Council for any building work that may affect assets, infrastructure or amenity of the community as set out in The Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018.

These include:

  • Siting of a dwelling
  • Building over an easement
  • Building in a flood-prone area
  • Fire safety matters
  • Electricity sub-stations (only a report)
  • Projections beyond street alignment
  • Building above or below public facilities
  • Precautions over street alignment
  • Installing or altering a septic tank system

Please refer to the Victorian Building Association website.

Adjoining Owner Comment Forms

You may require Adjoining Owners Comments when applying to vary the Siting provisions of Part 5 of the Building Regulations with a Siting Matters – Report and Consent (Dispensation) Application.

The comment forms only cover some general Siting Regulations individually.

Please visit our Report and Consent/Dispensation applications page for further information.