Report and Consent Applications

The following is generally required when applying for this application:

  1. Compete the Siting Matters Report and Consent Dispensation Form
  2. A registered copy of title, plan of subdivision, any covenants and section 173 agreements.  This can be downloaded from the Titles Office website when you register online
  3. Provide a descriptive letter of support explaining the following:
    Reasons why you cannot comply with the legislation requirements
    Nominating the applicable reasons mentioned under the specific Regulation siting matter you are applying for mentioned in the Fact Sheet for Ministers Guidelines Siting and Design of Single Dwellings
  4. 3 copies of architectural/draftspersons plans or equivalent standard including site plan, elevation and floor plans
  5. Written Adjoining Owners Comments
  6. Payment of non-refundable application fee
  7. Written Consent and Endorsed Plans may be requested from any applicable Design Review Committee that may be responsible for a development or subdivision including but not limited to Sandhurst, Pindara, Sandara Estate etc.

Report and Consent Application Forms

Corner Fence Dispensation
Corner Fence Dispensation Application Form from Infrastructure Department is required in addition to Siting Matters -  Report and Consent (Dispensation) Application that may also be required.

Corner Fence Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet provides a simple list of requirements and approvals required for corner fences.

Fencing Legislative Requirements
The Building Regulations 2018 - Part 5 control and monitor fences, Masts and Pole siting on allotments exceeding 300 square metres.

General Siting Requirements
The Building Regulations 2018 - Part 5 governs the siting of single dwellings and outbuildings on allotments exceeding 300 square meters. This Fact Sheet provides an overview of the relevant requirements contained within this legislation. Further explanatory information is provided in the Practice Notes published by the Victorian Building Authority which can be collected at Council Offices.

Guidelines Siting and Design
The Ministers Guidelines assists you in writing your supportive letter for Siting Matters - Report and Consent (Dispensation). The Guidelines list supportive reasons under each applicable Regulation siting provision that may be relevant to the subject property.

Non Siting Matters Report and Consent
Report and Consent Applications in respect to non-siting matters including: projections beyond street alignment, building above or below certain public facilities, and protection of the public (Precautions over the street alignment).

Hoarding Permit and/or Occupation of Roads for Works Permit is required from Council's Compliance and Safety Department in addition to any Non Siting Report and Consent for Public Protection.

Siting Matters Report and Consent
Report and Consent for siting matters on allotments greater than 300 square metres relating to setbacks, overlooking, overshadowing, fences etc.

VBA Practice and Siting Diagrams
Practice Note is to provide clarification of Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) This Practice Note is not intended as a substitute for making direct reference to the relevant regulations.