Public Entertainment and Temporary Structures

The following approvals and consents are required when proposing an event including but not restricted to:

  • An existing building being used for Public Entertainment
  • Celebrations
  • Circus
  • Community meetings
  • Entertainment events
  • Festival
  • Fetes/fairs
  • Galas
  • Sports events
  • Weddings

Place/Building of Public Entertainment (POPE)

POPE is described as either of the following broad terms:

1. A building greater in size than 500 square metres used or intended to be used for an entertainment or meeting for which admission may ordinarily be  gained by members of the public.


2. Place greater in size than 500 square metres which:

     (a) is enclosed or substantially enclosed where a reasonable person would see as being an exclusive /controlled area, or

     (b) to which admission can be gained by payment of money or other consideration.

     (c) which is used or intended to be used for an entertainment or meeting to which admissions may be ordinarily gained by members of the public.


3.  A community-based organisation (i.e. established primarily for non-profit/gains, not distribute any profit/gain of its activities to members, operates in community wholly for either philanthropic/benevolent purpose (e.g. school council) or any sporting/recreational purpose (e.g. football/netball club); and

     Exceeding 5000 persons in the place at any one time during the event

4. Prescribed P.O.P.E.S (Victorian Building Authority) mentioned in Part II of the Building Regulations.

If you wish to obtain a determination on what you propose requires a Permit or not please provide a site plan and descriptive written detail on the event.

Temporary Structure

Prescribed Temporary Structures will require an Occupancy Permit to be obtained from the Building Commission (Victorian Building Authority) and a Siting Consent to be obtained from the Building Department.

A prescribed temporary structure includes the following:

(a)    Tents, Marquees or Booths with a floor area greater than 100 square metres

(b)   Seating stands for more than 20 people

(c)    Stages or platforms (including sky borders and sky wings) exceeding 150 square metre floor area

(d)   Pre-fabricated buildings exceeding 100 square metres other than ones placed directly on the ground surface

To obtain an Occupancy Permit contact the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127 or visit the VBA website.

Permits and Consent


Buildings and Places used as a POPE requires an Occupancy Permit and may require approval from Council’s Events Department.

Occupancy Permit required from the Victorian Building Authority.

Temporary Structures

Siting Consent (Section S57 of the Building Act) is required from Council's Building Services.

Essential Safety Measures (ESM’s)

POPEs and temporary structures alike require ESM’s to be installed, maintained and perform to a particular standard.  Further information is provided on related links.