Building Certificates and Property Information Forms

Property Information Types

The Property Information Application Form provides the choice of following information and/or certificate(s):

Regulation 51(1) - Building Permit Particulars
This certificate provides information relating to Building Permits issued in the previous ten (10) years and any outstanding Notices and/or Orders.

Regulation 51(2) - Property Information Certificate
This certificate gives information relating to designated Termite, Bush Fire and Flood Prone Areas.

Regulation 51(1) and (2) - Building Permit Particulars and Property Information Certificate

Building Permit Particulars Form for Taxation Purposes 
This certificate provides building permit particulars for the dwelling, required for taxation purposes.

Urgent Property Information Requests

The following requests can be processed within 24 hours:

Regulation 51(1) 

Regulation 51(1) and (2)

Apply for Land Information Certificate

All this information is available via Council's E-Pathway website. You will need to register online or have your password available to access E-Pathway. 

Apply for Land Information Certificate 

Request Ownership Details

A request for property ownership details, for the purposes of issuing a Protection Works Notice or an Application for Report and Consent (Dispensation), which relate to a proposed Building Permit, can be made by completing the Request for Property Ownership Details and lodging with the Building Services.

Note: This service is provided free of charge. Lead times vary dependent upon workloads.

To obtain adjoining property ownership details for the purpose of common fencing, a request can be made in writing, by the owner of the property, with Frankston City Council's Rates and Valuations Department.

For all other property ownership requests, a written application through "Freedom of Information" is required.

Request Building Plans and Documents

Properties within the suburbs of Frankston, Frankston North, Frankston South, Karingal and Seaford can request records that generally date back to the late 1970's. 

Requests for information prior to 1993 for properties within the suburbs of Langwarrin, Langwarrin South, Skye, and Carrum Downs are law specific and may differ to the above. 

Please note: Copies of plans/documentation can only be provided to the current owner of a property. If you are not the current owner, written authorisation from the owner is required. There is no guarantee that plans will be available.

View building plans and documents related to an adjoining property or a property that I do not own

The Building Regulations 2018 stipulate that plans and documents relating to a Building Permit can not be viewed by anyone other than the property owner.

It should however be noted that where consent is given in writing from the owners of the property, plans and documents can be viewed, subject to availability.