Community Engagement

For us, community engagement means being part of conversations which influence decisions and makes Frankston City a greater place to live, work and play.

We are committed to hear from a diverse mix of voices to ensure our decisions consider a variety of community views.

When we're developing a strategy, planning new infrastructure or a development, or reviewing a service, it's important to us that we hear what you think. 

Improving how we include our community more in decision making starts with our newly adopted Community Engagement Policy. This document is the first step in setting our commitment for when, why and how we’ll engage with you. We are committed to genuinely listening, learning from and understanding community input, and enabling this input to directly influence Council’s decisions and project outcomes.

Our Policy includes the five engagement principles set by the new Local Government Act 2020, which have been adapted to reflect our community’s feedback and voice. Importantly, we have also included a sixth principle, which highlights our community’s need to hear how their input into an engagement process has influenced the outcome or decision. We are working hard to ensure we effectively report back to the community on our engagement activities.

Community Engagement Principles

Community Engagement Principles

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