Disability Cards, Parking and Permits

The Disabled Persons Parking Scheme (DPPS) is to ensure that people with a disability are provided with equality of opportunity to access services and facilities throughout the state. The scheme is administered by local councils and VicRoads is responsible for establishing the regulations that govern the scheme.

Category One (Blue Label) Victorian Blue Category

Issued to people who use a wheelchair, motorised scooter, or similar device that prevents access to a vehicle in a standard parking bay.

This permit entitles the permit holder to park their vehicle:

  • In a parking area or bay (reserved for people with disabilities) for the time and parking fee specified; or
  • For twice the time in a standard parking bay.

Category Two (Green Label) Victorian Green Category

Issued to people who can access a vehicle in a standard parking bay but require additional time to complete their visit to the area. This permit entitles the permit holder to park their vehicle for twice the specified time in a standard parking bay.

This label does NOT allow the permit holder to park in a disability parking bay

Types of Permits

There are four types of permits:

  • Code A: Driver or passenger
  • Code B: Passenger
  • Code C: An organisation providing a transport service for people with disabilities that qualify for a Category One permit
  • Code D: Temporary permit for a person whose disability is long term but not permanent

Eligibility for Individuals

A person may be eligible for a Disabled Person's Parking Permit if a Medical Practitioner certifies they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Require the ongoing use of a wheelchair, motorised scooter, or similar device
  • Are unable to walk without the use of a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic device, fixed or mobile walking frame or other similar device, or without the assistance of another person
  • Use a wheelchair, motorised scooter, or similar device that hinders access to a vehicle in a parking bay
  • Have an arthritic, neurological, psychological, cardiac or orthopaedic condition that exhausts their physical capacity to walk 60 metres
  • Use an oxygen unit
  • Have acute breathing difficulties caused by lung disease
  • Pose an extreme risk to themselves or others without the constant attendance of a caregiver

How to Apply - Eligibility for Individuals

Download the Disability Parking Permit application form for individuals or phone Council on 1300 322 322

  • Disabled Parking Permit Application Form for Individuals (445KB)
  • Complete and sign page 1 of the application form
  • Arrange for a medical professional to complete pages two and three of the application form and stamp all three pages with the Doctors Authority Stamp. (medical practitioner, medical specialist, psychologist or occupational therapist)**
  • Submit the completed form to Council for assessment

** Please note that the costs charged by medical professionals may not be recoverable.

The medical practitioner will assess each application according to:

  • Long-term or short-term need
  • The need for wide parking bays and/or an accessible parking space
  • The need for rest breaks only

The assessment must also include consideration of the following factors:

  • Diagnosis - is the disability defined and known?
  • Prognosis - how will this develop, improve, or change?
  • Physical limitations - what effect does the disability have on mobility?

Eligibility for Organisations

An organisation is eligible for a Disabled Person's Parking Permit if:

  • It is recognised by Council as providing a transport service for people with significant ambulatory or intellectual disabilities that would make them eligible for individual permits under this code
  • The people transported are unable to manage the use of individual permits

If the organisation provides transport for people with disabilities on an occasional basis (i.e. for a day or weekend trip) Council may issue a trip specific permit.

How to Apply – Organisations

Permit Renewal

Permits may be issued for the period as follows:

  • Six months from the date of issue for a Temporary (Code D) Permit
  • Twelve months from the date of the issue for organisations
  • Three years from the date of issue for all other permits

How to Renew a Disabled Person Parking Permit

Council requires a new application form for renewal of an existing permit. Please complete the relevant application form and submit to council for assessment and approval.

If you were assessed as having a permanent condition by your medical practitioner on your last application, please complete:

All other renewals, please complete:

Disputed Eligibility

If an application for a permit is refused Council must provide reasons for its decision in writing, and must reconsider the application if a second opinion is obtained from a medical practitioner, specialist practitioner or clinical psychologist, other than the person who completed the initial application form.

If Council maintains its decision to refuse the applicant a permit, and the applicant is still dissatisfied with the decision, the Council must refer the matter to its Medical Officer of Health.

Permit Cancellation

A permit is automatically cancelled after the expiry date and may be cancelled anytime for wilful misuse or breach of the Conditions of Use. Council will notify the permit holder in writing of such a cancellation and will require that the permit be returned within seven days.

Damaged, Lost, Stolen Permits

If your permit has been damaged, lost or stolen it is to be reported to the Frankston City Council Local Laws department.

To replace Damaged Permits:

  • Damaged Permits are to be handed into Frankston City Council to be replaced. If time permits Local Laws may be able to replace your permit on the spot. In the event Local Laws are unable to reissue the permit on the spot your permit will mailed to you via post.

To replace a lost or stolen permit:

  • Complete a Statutory Declaration form and submit to Frankston City Council. Once this has been received, the permit holder will be issued with a new permit and will receive this via post.

Conditions of Use

The Disabled Person's Parking permit is issued in order that people have easier access to facilities and services. The permit must only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the individual to whom the permit was issued. It cannot be used if the permit holder is not travelling in the vehicle. If the permit holder's application form indicated dependence on a device (e.g. cane or crutch), the permit holder must be using this device when using the permit.

Parking is not permitted in restricted locations such as Clearways, No Stopping, No Parking Areas, Taxi Only Areas, Bus Zones, and Authorised Resident Areas

Frankston Foreshore Parking

Please note: Holders of a disability parking permit are eligible to park for the time stipulated, without having to pay a fee when they display a Foreshore Parking Permit.

  • A person may hold only one person's parking permit at one time
  • The permit must be displayed clearly in the front of the vehicle and must be visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Frankston City Councils Disabled Parking Permit is designed to hang from the rear vision mirror and must be placed here.  This enables the Traffic Officers to view the permit when the vehicle is parked. As long as the permit is clearly displayed and the vehicle is parked in accordance with the parking conditions, no parking infringement will be applied to the vehicle.
  • The permit is only valid when displayed in a vehicle that is actually transporting the permit holder. The permit may be cancelled if it is used by a person other than permit holder
  • A permit must not be copied, reproduced in any fashion or sold
  • Loss of the permit must be reported to the issuing Council as soon as possible after the loss is discovered
  • The permit may be cancelled if it is used by a person other than permit holder, or used in ways that otherwise breach the conditions of use

Travelling Interstate

Victorian disability parking permits are recognised in all Australian states and territories. Parking concessions may be different in other states and territories and individuals should check the conditions applying to the disability parking scheme in the relevant state or territory. Information is available at Department of Social Services website.

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