Learning City - Education

Preschool to Secondary School

The early years set the foundations for exploring the areas of learning, at home, at kindergarten, at the library, at school. Through experiences and play, children learn about socialisation, communication and interaction.

Primary school children learn and discover the major areas of human knowledge, increasing responsibility to become independent learners. Our Family and Youth pages will help you to find out about schools, school holiday programs.

Secondary education allows students to refine their interests in preparation for further learning, jobs or apprenticeships. Find out about the different types of secondary school qualifications – VCE, VCAL or VET?

Frankston Library members can access the FREE YourTutor Online for extra help with homework.

Careers Events, expos and open days also take place during the year including school tours often during Education Week in May.

Maximise your involvement in learning activities to find out what you enjoy and what you’re good at. Visit our Family and Youth pages to find your nearest school, kinder or childcare centre and explore the programs offered at the local Libraries, the Frankston Arts Centre and through our Environment department.

Higher Education

For those seeking further study and training when they leave school, there’s plenty of long and short term options available including:

  • Short courses
  • TAFE
  • University

Spend time finding out what suits you best.  Make direct contact with one of the learning institutions, or come along and talk to employers and employees at an industry expo.


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