Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are well adapted to living in close association with humans and can be found anywhere humans and their homes are located. These animals can be found in houses, sheds, garages and gardens.

Signs of Rodent Activity

  • Droppings

  • Sounds of gnawing, squeaking, scratching or movement in walls, ceilings or cupboards

  • Burrow holes around buildings, along walls, in creek banks, roof insulation

  • A travel path or “runs” that may have developed

Preventing rats and mice around the home

Rats and mice may live and nest within buildings indefinitely, provided they have warmth, shelter, food and water. If you have rats or mice at your property, it’s likely that you’re providing them with these conditions.

You can help prevent the risk of rats or mice harbouring at your property by changing the environment, the following tips may assist:

  • Remove access to shelter – repair holes and seal gaps and cracks under external doors.

  • Clear your house of any rubbish and building materials

  • Remove food and water sources – ensure food is stored and kept in sealed containers, have secure-fitting lids on rubbish bins, don’t leave pet food lying around, eliminate any standing water sources


Always follow safety directions when using baits and traps.

Baiting is the most effective way of dealing with rats and mice. Rodent baits are toxic to humans and animals, ensure to keep out of reach of young children and pets and be sure to read the product instructions.

Baits and traps can be purchased from supermarkets and hardware stores. Alternatively engage a local Pest Controller who can inform you on the most appropriate course of preventative pest control.

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