Frankston City 2021 Household Survey


Frankston City Council is undertaking a Household Survey of residents across the municipality.

This survey is one of the most important ways for Council to understand the views of residents. The information gathered will assist Council to meet residents’ current needs and plan for the future. Metropolis Research has been commissioned to undertake this survey on Council’s behalf.

It is anticipated that the survey will be run over three weeks through July and early August, with surveys being delivered to letterboxes and returned by mail to Metropolis Research.

Participation is voluntary, anonymous, confidential and contact free.

Survey questions cover important topics including:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Access to Council services.
  • Cultural and leisure activities.
  • Education and employment.
  • Living conditions and housing development.
  • Public transport and cycling.
  • Shopping trends.

The survey will provide Council with detailed information which supplements the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Council need to conduct a survey?

Understanding the needs, views and aspirations of our residents is key to the successful delivery of Council services and infrastructure that meet the diverse needs of our community. The information collected through this survey is important and will assist Council to meet our residents’ current needs and plan for future need. 

How is the survey being conducted?

The survey is being completed by mail. Surveys will start to be dropped off in letterboxes around the municipality from Wednesday 21 July with a reply-paid return envelope. Completed surveys can be returned to Metropolis Research in the reply-paid return envelope via the post. Residents have a week or so to complete the survey.

Participation in the survey is completely voluntary


Will the survey be COVID safe?

The safety of our community is essential, and the survey will be contactless and conducted in line with COVID-19 restrictions and follow State Government health advice at all times. We will also continue to closely monitor the situation. 

Why isn’t the survey being done online?

We want to make this survey as easy as possible for a diverse range of residents to complete. Most people find it easier to complete this kind of survey on paper rather than online. It also provides residents with more flexibility in how they choose to complete the survey.

We also want to make sure that surveys are completed by a representative sample of the Frankston City community, ensuring that we get information from people of all backgrounds, ages, genders, cultural groups and so on. Completing the survey on paper will help Metropolis Research to get a sample that is representative of our community. 

Will the survey be confidential and protect my privacy?

Protecting your privacy and keeping your information confidential is important and taken very seriously in how the survey is conducted.

The information residents provide in the survey is strictly confidential. No survey information will be published that identifies individual residents or households. Your answers will remain anonymous and be combined with other survey participants’ answers to produce a statistical data for the municipality.

The survey is being completed by Metropolis Research, an independent company that specialises in conducting household surveys. Your personal details will be kept confidential by Metropolis Research at all times and not be shared with Council or any other parties.

Click here(PDF, 108KB) to read the Metropolis Research privacy policy.


How will the information collected through the surveys be used?

The data collected from the survey will assist Council to deliver activities, programs, services and infrastructure within Frankston City to ensure community needs are met.

Examples of what the data will be used for include service reviews, activities to improve residents’ experience of Frankston City, advocacy to government in areas including transport, strategic priorities and plans in areas like health, wellbeing and housing, activation of the City centre and tracking progress on priorities identified in Council’s strategic plans.

A report with the survey findings will made available on the Frankston City Council website later this year.

Can I get assistance to complete the survey?

Residents not confident about completing a written survey due to language or literacy barriers can request assistance, with translation services and phone support made available. Details of how this assistance can be requested will be provided in the information included with survey. 

How many households are being surveyed? Is it representative?

2,800 households will be chosen at random to receive the survey by mail, making it the largest survey ever conducted by Council.

The sample is randomly selected and will be representative of the Frankston City community including age, gender, language, socio-economic profile, and household structure. 

The survey has two parts – household questions (answered on behalf of the whole household) and questions for individuals in a household. We expect to end up with a total sample of approximately 1,000 households and around 3,000 individual responses - this will likely make it the largest survey likely conducted by Frankston City Council. 

The sample is randomly selected and will be representative of the Frankston City community including by age, gender, language, socio-economic profile and household structure. This means that we can be confident that the survey results provide meaningful insight into the views of the entire Frankston City community. 

The sample size provides a 95 per cent confidence level that this is a statistically significant sample and much larger than the research conducted elsewhere. The sample size meets all the requirements of a statistically significant and meaningful piece of research.

What is the difference between the Household Survey and the ABS Census?

The survey provides Council with detailed information that supplements the ABS Census of Population and Housing. The focus of Council’s survey is understanding the needs, views and aspirations of residents on some key topics that will assist Council to better plan its services and infrastructure, including:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Access to Council services.
  • Cultural and leisure activities.
  • Education and employment.
  • Living conditions and housing development.
  • Public transport and cycling.
  • Shopping trends.

Most of the questions in the Household Survey are not included in the Census. The demographic questions in the survey that are the same as the ABS Census are asked to enable Council to breakdown the results into groups for detailed analysis.

Why is this happening at the same time as the Census?

Council is committed to understanding the needs of residents to enable the improvement of services and achieve positive outcomes for the Frankston City community.

The Household Survey includes census-like demographic questions, but the focus of the survey is on understanding better what the community thinks and does, and how Council can assist the community, in planning for community services, advocating for better infrastructure, designing better sports and recreation facilities, providing better and more appropriate services, and in understanding the views of the community across a range of other issues. 

Most of the questions in the Household Survey are not included in the Census – as the Census is simply a tool for measuring the demographic profile of the community. Further, while the Census is undertaken in 2021, the results are not available until well into 2022. The Household Survey gives us a demographic snap shot of the demographics of the community, which supplements the Census.