List of Local Laws

Under the Local Government Act 1989, Council has the authority to create and enforce local laws. 

Local laws are intended to protect public health, safety and amenity throughout the municipality. They are made in consultation with the community, to deal with local issues and to meet local needs. 

Council’s local laws include offence provisions and a breach may result in the imposition of a penalty, fine and/or prosecution.

Frankston City currently has four local laws. The current (consolidated) version of each local law can be accessed by downloading a copy below:

Community Local Law 2020

The Community Local Law commenced on 14 August 2020.

The purpose of the Community Local Law is to regulate uses and activities to:

  • provide for the peace, order and good governance of the Frankston municipality;
  • promote a physical and social environment in which residents and visitors to the municipality can enjoy a quality of life that meets the reasonable expectations of the community;
  • prevent and minimise nuisances which may adversely affect the enjoyment of life within the Frankston municipality or the health, safety and welfare of persons within the Frankston municipality;
  • prohibit, regulate and control activities which may be dangerous, unsafe or detrimental to a person’s health, amenity or the environment;
  • provide for fair access and use of Council and community assets and prescribe measures to protect those assets; and
  • prescribe requirements for the administration and enforcement of the Local Law.

The Community Local Law creates offences in connection with behaviour on and the use of roads, municipal places and public places, the use of shopping trolleys, the use of model aircraft and certain remote control objects, the display of property numbers, vehicle crossings, the release of balloons into the open air, the condition of land and buildings, the sale of aerosol spray containers, asset protection, refuse collection, open air fires, the consumption of liquor, smoking in certain areas, the maintenance of nature strips and the keeping of animals.  It also allows for the impounding of certain objects and creates offences if certain remedial requirements are not met.

Governance Local Law 2020

The Governance Local Law 2020 came into effect on 11 September 2020.

The purpose of the Local Law is to facilitate good governance of Frankston City Council.

The Local Law:

  • Provides procedures to regulate the use of the Common Seal;
  • Creates offences in the event of inappropriate conduct at Council meetings and meetings of Delegated Committees;
  • Creates offences in relation to the misuse of the Common Seal or any petition or joint letter; and
  • Sets penalties for breach of certain provisions.

Tree Protection Local Law 2016

The Tree Protection Local Law came into effect on 8 April 2016.

The objectives of this local law are to protect trees (as defined for the purpose of the local law) growing in the municipal district; to require a minimum standard of tree pruning for the protection of trees and public safety; to provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district; and to protect and enhance the amenity and environment of the municipal district.

Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law 2020

The Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law came into operation on 10 April 2020.

The purpose of the Local Law is to regulate and control the use of short stay rental accommodation within the Council’s municipal district; ensure an appropriate standard of management and presentation of such accommodation; minimise the risk of such accommodation affecting the peace of neighbours; and implement a registration requirement.

Copies of Local Laws

Copies of Council’s local laws are available for inspection at Council’s Civic Centre and other service centres during office hours.  Copies are also available upon request. During the temporary closure of Council’s face-to-face customer service centres due to the COVID-19 pandemic, any person who wishes to obtain a hard copy is encouraged to request that it be posted to them. Requests can be made through Council’s Live Chat service, via the homepage of Council’s website, or by phoning 1300 322 322.

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Governance Local Law
Enquiries about the application of Governance Local Law, or about the process for making or amending a local law, should be directed to Council’s Governance team.
P. 1300 322 322

Community Local Law, Tree Protection Law and Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law
Enquiries regarding the application, administration and enforcement of the Community Local Law, the Tree Protection Law or the Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law should be directed to Council’s Compliance and Safety team.
P. 03 9784 1917

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