Municipal Emergency Management Plan

This plan is developed by the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) comprising representatives from Council, Victoria Police, Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES), Red Cross, Coast Guard, Department of Human Services (DHS) and other support and relief agencies. It maps out how, as a community, we can cope with hazards and emergencies. The plan recognises the inevitability of economic and social effects of emergencies including loss of life, destruction of property and dislocation of individuals and communities.

The aim of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) is to detail the agreed arrangements for the prevention of, the response to, and the recovery from, emergencies that could occur in Frankston City as identified in Part 4 of the Emergency Management Act 1986.

The objectives of the MEMP are to:

  1. Implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies.
  2. Manage arrangements for the utilisation and implementation of municipal resources in response to emergencies.
  3. Manage support that may be provided to or from adjoining municipalities
  4. Assist the affected community(s) to recover after an emergency
  5. Complement other local, regional and state planning arrangements

Frankston City Council has responsibility for management of municipal resources and the coordination of community support to counter the effects of an emergency during the response and recovery phases.

This includes the management of:

  • The provision of emergency relief to combatants and affected persons during the response phase
  • The provision of supplementary supply (resources) to combat and relief agencies during the response and recovery phases
  • Municipal assistance to agencies during the response and recovery phases
  • The assessment of the impact of the emergency
  • Recovery activities within the municipality in consultation with Department of Human Services

Council has recently revised and updated the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP).

The principal change made to the previous version of the MEMP included a reorganisation of the component parts so that operational information that may be required to respond to an emergency is now at the front of the document. The middle section of the MEMP details the planning structures through which this Plan is developed and maintained, and it concludes with supporting information such as Municipality demographics and Sub Plans to address particular risks.

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