Think Big Frankston City

Thanks to all the people who attended the Think Big Frankston City community conversation in early December 2016.

This event was just one part of the overall ‘Think Big’ community consultation process where Council invited members of the community to have their say. There was also an online forum that attracted: 

  • 9,358 individual views
  • 133 ideas posted
  • 2,022 votes

Feedback showed that participants really valued the opportunity to speak up, be heard by Council and work together towards making a difference in our community.

Council is better able to serve residents and groups that speak up about what they want for Frankston City.

Think Local

The second stage of the Think Big community consultation project has come to an end, with the 230 participants adding to the 434 in stage one to give us a wide range of thoughts from the community. In total, 133 ideas were posted for our City’s seven local areas and around 3000 votes cast.

Think Big Transcript

Thank you to those who participated in the online forum and the Community Conference for the Think Big project. The transcript of the conversations that had occurred online and at the Community Conference on Saturday 3 December. Further opportunities to be involved in the Think Big project will be announced in early 2017.

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