Microchip for Life!

Microchipping can help identify your pet quickly if it is lost and ends up in the Lost Dogs Home or injured and at a Vet Clinic.

From 1 May 2007, all cats and dogs registered with Council for the first time must be microchipped prior to registration.

Microchip details are also now needed in cat/dog sale advertisements.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is approximately the same size as a small grain of rice. It is a safe and easy form of permanent identification for your pets.

The microchip contains a unique identification number which will identify the pet's owner through a central registry. It is important that pet owners keep their contact details up to date including telephone numbers with the microchip registry.

How is Microchipping performed?

A microchip is simply and easily injected beneath the skin by a veterinarian, just like a vaccination. The process is completed in seconds, does not require an anaesthetic and the chip stays with your pet for it's lifetime.


  • Inexpensive - for a minimal once off cost your pet is protected for life
  • Microchips may assist in the recovery of your pet from anywhere in Australia, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Note: To further aid in locating your pet, make sure all tags and collars are also labelled with contact details incase your pet is located by a neighbour.

Microchip Providers

Microchip Providers are available throughout Victoria and Australia or visit your local Vet.

Updating your Microchip Information

Visit the Nationwide Pet Address website (available in Related Information) and keep your Pets information up to date.