Lost Animals

If Your Animal Is Missing

It is always recommended that any owner looking for their lost pet go to the pound to search for their pet. It is an owners legal obligation to identify their lost pet at the pound facility. Microchips can move and/or fall out, Council tags may fall off and not all breeds are recorded as what the owner may think their breed of dog is.

During inclement weather the pound facility may be extremely busy as they provide pound service to five neighbouring Councils.

It is a legal requirement for all dogs/cats to be registered and to wear their tag when off the premises, please make sure that all contact details are updated with the Council including contact details, address and name of the dog.


Lost Dogs' Home 
920 Thompson Road, Cranbourne
Business Hours: 9702 8055

Release of Impounded Animals

  • A fee will be charged for any animals impounded.  Animals will be kept for eight (8) days.

Normal Hours of operation:

  • Weekdays 1:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Weekends 9:00am to 12:30pm
  • Public Holidays: Closed (open 9:00am-12:30pm on Easter Saturday and Sunday)

(Weekend hours apply on all public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday where the facility is closed)

Council's 1300 322 322 after hours number is to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.  

If you are looking for a lost pet you must telephone the Lost Dogs Home pound facility during their advertised hours above.

On occasions an animal can be picked up by another organisation or even a neighbouring Council.

More Information

Places to contact if your animal is lost or missing

Tips For Locating Your Lost Animal

  • Create flyer and distribute around your area
  • Post a photo onto Council and related businesses Facebook page and other social media
  • If you have another dog take it with you on your search - it may attract your lost pet
  • Place an ad with your local paper
  • Phone vet clinics and local pounds
  • Search 'dog attractive areas' such as park land, reserves, bushland and the beach
  • Stay positive
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped to make contacting you easier should it be located
  • If your pet is microchipped ring your service provider and make sure your contact details are up to date

If you Find a Lost Pet

Council is here to reunite pets with their owners

There are a number of reasons why Council is the best first point of call for lost pets. These include:

  • By contacting Council, dogs and cats can get home faster
  • Council keeps records of pet history. If there is a case where a dog is a serial escapee, then Council officers can work with owners to help resolve fencing issues or other solutions to help keep animals safe
  • Council can help ensure the dog goes to the correct owner
  • If you move or your contact details change, always remember to update your details with Council and the microchip register
  • Not every pet owner is on Facebook and a post on a ‘Lost Pets’ page will not necessarily be seen by owners
  • English is not always the first language of pet owners
  • Some breeders will reclaim their former animals to re-sell - please ensure microchip register details are up to date
  • Roaming pets are at risk of being attacked by other animals, injured, stolen or otherwise
  • A number of dogs and cats are on medication - even keeping a pet overnight can put their health at risk
  • Council’s priority is the safety of the community, including pet safety

After Hours Contact

1300 322 322 to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.