Desexing and Vaccinations


Notice under Domestic Animals Act 1994 - All new applications to register a cat/dog will require the cat/dog to be desexed (original certificate required), effective from 1 September 2008.

Exemptions include:

  • A cat/dog that is the subject of written Veterinary advice that the health of the cat/dog is liable to be significantly prejudiced if it is desexed
  • A Dangerous Dog that is kept for guarding non residential premises
  • A Dangerous Dog that has undergone protection training
  • A cat/dog that is owned by a person or body that conducts a domestic animal business registered with Council. Where the cat/dog is used for breeding purposes in connection with that business. (Frankston City does not currently have any registered breeding establishments)
  • If a dog or a cat owner is a registered member and the dog or cat has a registered pedigree certificate the dog or cat is exempt from desexing - applicable organisations follow (proof is always required - membership card and pedigree certificate)

Applicable organisations include:

Please Note: The three approved dog organisations that exempt dogs from desexing are Dogs Victoria, Greyhound Racing Victoria, Master Dog Breeders and Associates.

These organisations are determined by the State Minister of Agriculture and have a code of ethics that requires responsible pet ownership.

The Council participates in a 'desexing scheme' and can provide residents with a list of local veterinarians. In addition, Council has details of all Animal Welfare Organisations regarding their desexing service.


Part of responsible pet ownership is to ensure animals receive full vet care. This includes ensuring pets are regularly wormed, including heart worm, flea treated and that immunisations are followed up with yearly boosters.

After Hours Contact

1300 322 322 to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.