Bin collections

Find your bin day

Garbage bins are collected weekly.

Recycling bins and food and garden waste bins are collected on alternate weeks, on the same day as your garbage bin.  

There are 2 ways to find your next bin collection days:

How to place your bins

Place your bin on the nature strip the night before collection day.

To ensure your bins are collected:

  • make sure bins are not overfilled and the lid is closed (avoid putting materials on top)
  • provide a 1m clearance around the bin (where possible)
  • place bins 30 to 50cm apart from one another
  • avoid placing bins in a driveway, on a road or near trees, cars or poles.

Bins should not weigh more than 70kg.

What goes in each bin

Make sure you put the correct items in each bin. 

Visit our what goes in my bins? page for more information on how to organise your garbage, recycling and green waste.

Missed bin collection

If you have placed your bin out for collection on time and it has been missed, contact us on 1300 322 322 to report your missed collection within 48 hours of your collection day.