How rates are calculated

We use a formula to work out how much your rates will be. 

The formula for calculating rates is: 

  • Capital Improved Value (CIV) x Rate in the dollar = Rate payable 
  • add the Municipal charge, Fire Services Property Levy   
  • add the cost of any waste services 
  • subtract any concessions (if eligible) 


  • CIV of the residential property = $A 
  • rate in the dollar for residential properties = B cents 
  • A x B = $rates 
  • $rates + levy charges + services – concessions = $total rates 

The ‘rate in the dollar’ is determined by:  

  • calculating the total amount of rate revenue we need to maintain our services  
  • dividing this amount by the total value of the properties within the Frankston City Municipality (this number changes every year). 

Please be aware that when you receive your rates notice, it is important not to add your capital improved value (CIV) and site value (SV) together, as this is not how rates are calculated.