Saving Water

In the average Victorian household, most of the water is used in the bathroom (50 per cent), followed by the laundry (22 per cent), garden (19 per cent) and kitchen (8 per cent).

Showers usually use the most water, followed by washing machines.

Save water in the home:

  • Install a 3 star water efficient showerhead (visit Environmental Rebates via the Related Links)
  • Take shorter showers (four minutes or less) - use a shower timer
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Wash dishes and clothing with a full load
  • Plug the sink when washing vegetables and fruit
  • Install a dual flush toilet or flush control device
  • Fix all water leaks and dripping taps
  • Install flow restrictors in all taps
  • Install water efficient appliances - look for star ratings on items such as dishwashers and washing machines, the more stars, the more water efficient
  • Use rainwater as an alternative source for toilet flushing
  • Use greywater for watering your garden

Saving Water in the Garden

For information on saving water in the garden visit

Business Tips

There's a lot you can do to improve efficiency and save water in your business.

Funding Assistance
There are various funding sources available for water-related projects in Victoria and Australia.

Benchmarking Reports
When seeking to increase water efficiency, it helps to understand how your business compares with industry benchmarks. South East Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water have developed a report to help you understand how efficient you are with water use.

Investment Payback Calculators
South East Water, the local water retailer, has developed a free Investment Payback Calculator, to help you make water efficiency decisions based on the purchase and operating costs of equipment.

Reporting a burst or leaking water main

To report a burst or leaking water main in Frankston City, please contact the local water retailer, South East Water, Faults and Emergencies, phone 13 28 12 (24 hours).

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