Make the TAKE2 Pledge

Frankston City Council has reaffirmed its commitment to addressing climate change by recently signing up to the Victoria Government’s TAKE2 pledge.

TAKE 2 is open to all Victorians, including individuals, local councils, businesses, as well as educational and community organisations, to encourage action on climate change and help Victoria reach zero emissions by 2050.This Victorian Government initiative takes its name from the agreement taken by 195 nations in 2015, including Australia, at the Paris United Nations Climate Change Conference, to commit to keeping the global temperature rise under two degrees. TAKE2 refers to that two degree target.

Make the TAKE2 Pledge

Join us and thousands of other Victorians to act now on climate change.

When you sign up to the TAKE2 pledge, you will receive tips and advice to help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and costs.

Visit TAKE2 website for more information and to make your pledge.

For a snapshot of Frankston City Council’s TAKE2 climate change actions and commitments, visit:

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