Climate Change

Energy and Climate

Information on saving energy and preparing for a changing climate.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change impacts our community, the economy and our environment. Find out what Council is doing and what you can do.

Solar Panels on Frankston Library Roof

Council’s Greenhouse and Water Performance

Find out about Council’s progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mains water use.

Renewable Energy

Solar and Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Saving Energy

Saving Energy

Learn what Council is doing and what you can do to save energy and reduce costs.


Free Energy Advice service

A free energy efficiency advice and referral service.

Climate change

Climate Change Community Survey

Community feedback to Council’s 2020 Survey.

street lights

LED Street Lighting Upgrade

Frankston City Council is upgrading 7,000 fluorescent street lights with energy efficient LEDs across Frankston City.

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