Caring for the natural environment in partnership with our community.

Biodiversity - The value of trees - wildlife


Biodiversity is the variety of life in an area including the animals, plants and micro-organisms.

 Environmental Support for Schools

Education and Resources

Environmental information, publications and support for our community and schools.

Climate Change

Energy and Climate

Information on saving energy and preparing for a changing climate.

Enviro News e-Newsletter

EnviroNews e-Newsletter

Read or sign up for the EnviroNews e-Newsletter.


Environmental Events

Check out the range of upcoming local Environmental events and workshops, many of them are free!

Environmental Rebates

Environmental Grants and Rebates

Information on environmental rebates and grants.

Indigenous Garden Seedlings

Frankston Indigenous Nursery

Frankston Indigenous Nursery is a community nursery, specialising in producing quality indigenous plants.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Find out how you can help the environment through a range of local groups, activities and initiatives.

Strategies and Guidelines

Strategies and Guidelines

Council’s strategies, plans and guidelines for protecting the natural environment.

Sustainable Living

How to create a more sustainable home and lifestyle.

Trees: George Pentland Botanical Gardens


Council has a deep commitment to protecting trees and maintaining a community forest.


Information on saving water and improving local water quality.

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