Hard Waste Collection 2021-2022 Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Collection can occur over the 5 days of your collection week with different collection trucks removing different items to reduce the impact to landfill. Collection can occur Monday to Friday from 6am to 5pm. If you have queries regarding waste remaining, please call Customer Service on 1300 322 322 the following Monday after your collection week.

For information relating to Hard Waste Collection, please see FAQs below:

When is my collection?

Households will receive a brochure in their letterbox two weekends before the start of their collection week. The brochure will provide details about items that will and will not be accepted.

Collection date for households will be available in the MyAddress section of our website in the coming weeks. Simply visit www.frankston.vic.gov.au/MyAddress or search “MyAddress” on the Frankston City Council website. 

What if I put items out early?

If you put your waste out before the dates printed on your brochure, you risk being fined for illegal dumping. Fines start at $200 and can be up to $17,000 if prosecuted in Court.

Council is strictly enforcing illegal dumping and conditions of the annual hard waste collection:

  • Place items out on your nature strip no earlier than the Saturday (2 days) before your collection week commences. The total combined material must not exceed two cubic metres
  • Any excess waste or items not accepted will have to be removed by the resident 

What if others in my street put out their hard waste early?

If your neighbours put their waste out early it is considered illegal dumping and they risk being fined. You can report this activity to Council for investigation online or phone 1300 322 322. 

What happens if I put out more than two cubic metres?

Anything that exceeds two cubic metres will not be collected. Residents are required to remove excess hard waste or risk being fined for illegal dumping.

Council officers will be patrolling in marked and unmarked vehicles, seven days a week during the collection period. 

How will I know what two cubic metres is?

As a general rule, your total area must not exceed two metres in length, one metre in height and one metre deep. An example will be printed on the brochure you receive in your mailbox. 

How can I make the most of my two cubic metres?

Ensure all items are stacked neatly and tightly. You can also dispose of recyclable items to FRRRC at any time free-of-charge. Items accepted free at FRRRC include, scrap metal and whitegoods, e-waste and fridges, as well as other recyclables. A full list of items is available here

A truck came but did not collect all my waste, what should I do?

Not all items are collected by the same truck to maximise diversion from landfill. For example, green waste and hard waste will be collected by different trucks, possibly on different days.

If all of your waste has not been removed by the end of your collection WEEK, please contact Customer Service on 1300 322 322 to enquire if there have been any issues with your collection. Please do not call prior to the Monday after your collection WEEK. 

How do I separate my items for collection?

Place your items in five neat stacks:

  • Hard waste
  • Scrap metal and whitegoods
  • E-waste and fridges
  • Green waste
  • Mattresses - maximum of two (2) mattress/bed bases can be put out in the free collection. So either 2 mattress OR 2 base OR 1 mattress and 1 base. 

Am I allowed to add my excess waste to a neighbour's pile?

If your neighbour’s pile does not exceed two cubic metres and you seek their permission, you may utilise their leftover space. Alternatively you can also pay to book an additional hard waste collection, view more details here.  

Can I take items from another person’s nature strip?

Scavenging is strongly discouraged, however you may remove items if you have sought the permission of the resident. Please be mindful that we are still in a pandemic, and some people may be uncomfortable being approached with this request. 

What do I do if someone removes items from my nature strip without my consent?

If this occurs, try to note down as much information about the offender as possible, including a number plate, and contact Council on 1300 322 322.

Scavengers spread my pile all over the footpath, will you tidy it for me?

Residents are responsible for any hard rubbish they put onto the nature strip and ensuring that it is kept as tidy as possible, and in one place until the collection is completed.

What do I do if I see someone dumping illegally

Note down as much information as possible, including a number plate if possible, and contact Council. All illegal dumping reports will be investigated. You can report illegal dumping online or phone 1300 322 322. 

Are there alternative disposal methods?

You can view a list of alternative disposal options on the Frankston City Council website.

Who do I contact with further questions?

Collection contractors, WM Waste: 9721 1915

Frankston City Council: 1300 322 322