Free Annual Collection of Hard Waste

Frankston City Council currently provides one free annual hard waste collection of 2 cubic metres to help you dispose of large household items.

The 2021 Free Hard Waste Dates

The 2021 collection dates are now available in MyAddress. Council waste services provided where a property has an eligible paid service.
Each eligible household will be notified via a letter drop to your property 2 weekends prior to their individual collection date. 

What items can I place into hard waste?

Please see what we can and cannot collect

When do I need to place my items on my nature strip?

Your hard waste items must be placed out on your nature strip for collection no earlier than two days before your scheduled collection.

What if I require a further collection throughout the year?

Residents can have hard waste collected at other times of the year for a fee

Book a paid hard waste collection

Other disposal options

If your unwanted household items are reusable and in good condition, please consider donating to local charities.

Residents can also take hard waste, green waste and recyclables to the Frankston Regional Recycling and Recovery Centre (FRRRC) year-round, with many items accepted for free.

For other disposal options, see our A - Z Waste and Recycling Directory.