Environmental Volunteers and Groups

Frankston City is blessed to have many passionate environmental volunteers who give their time to nurture, clean up and protect our beautiful natural environment. Covering work in natural reserves and private land, wildlife rescue, beach clean ups and environmental action and advocacy groups, these volunteers are always keen to have new people join them and share the passion and achievements.

The Frankston Environmental Friends Network (FEFN) is an umbrella organisation of volunteer groups who undertake various activities to help the Environment across the Frankston municipality.  While supported by the Frankston Council it is a stand-alone organisation. It provides a forum for communication between Frankston City Council, friends Groups and other environmental organisations.  Members of the Network meet monthly, to share ideas and provide support to each other.

A ‘Friends Group’ is a group that consists of environmental volunteers with an interest in a particular natural reserve. The group works in partnership with the relevant land manager, operating as a support group to look after the reserve.  All works undertaken by the Friends Group are agreed to by the relevant land manager and are generally in line with a Management Plan where one exists.

There may already be a Friends Group working in your local Reserve or another Environmental group that is just right for you.

The contact details and regular working bee details can be downloaded below:

How to form a Friends Group

If you wish to start a Friends group in your local reserve, you must have a clear idea about what you are wanting to achieve and discuss this with Council, Parks Victoria or Melbourne Water. The relevant Council Officers will assess the proposal and determine 1) if the proposal aligns with Council’s priorities for the reserve and 2) whether there are works that could be undertaken by a friends group.

If approved there are a number of steps required before works can commence. These include appointing an Activities leader who can work with Council to ensure that Works Plans are approved and safety procedures are followed.

If you would like further information on forming a friends group, a good place to start is the ‘Guidelines for Friends Group Volunteers (link)’ and ‘Helpful Information for Friends groups of Frankston’ (link). Alternatively, you can contact Council’s Environmental Interpretations Officer.

Other Environmental Volunteer Groups

  • Frankston Climate Action Group
  • South East Environment Network

Frankston Environmental Friends Network Volunteer Manual

This Manual has been prepared by Frankston City Council and the Frankston Environmental Friends Network for the assistance and support of all Friends Group environmental volunteers working in the Frankston municipality.

It consists two parts and is available to download from the Related Information below on this page:

  • Part A - 'Guidelines for Friends Group Volunteers' - provided by Frankston City Council
  • Part B - 'Helpful Information for Friends Groups of Frankston' - provided by Frankston Environmental Friends Network