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Council runs a six monthly series of FREE environmental sustainability events, designed to help residents live more sustainably. A variety of topics are offered to help people reduce their environmental impact and actively enhance the biodiversity and amenity of our local environment.

Gardens for Wildlife Q & A Panel Event  

Wednesday 24 November, 6-7pm, online, FREE

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Frankston Gardens for Wildlife group, in association with Council, will be hosting a FREE online Question and Answer session. The session will take the form of pre-approved questions submitted by Frankston City residents looking for advice on how they can attract more wildlife to their gardens. A panel of Gardens for Wildlife guides and a Frankston City officer, will provide responses to these questions. If time permits, there will also be room for additional questions to be asked at the end of the session.

This event is open to anyone who wishes to attend, you don’t have to ask your own question.

What type of questions?

Any question which relates to improving the habitat value of your garden, with the aim to attract wildlife to your property. Please try to keep questions specific, so that the panel can formulate the best possible answers. Some example questions are listed below:

  • I have a shaded area between my house and fence, what could I plant here, that would attract more wildlife to my garden?
  • I have seen Tawny Frogmouths around my area, is there anything I can to do, to attract them into my garden?
  • I would like to encourage more pollinating insects, what should I plant to attract them?

How to apply

Complete the template, located at the link below, and attach any photographs you may have.  Note that if you include photographs, and agree, please check the ‘permission to use photographs’ box so that we can use the photographs in the session, to illustrate your question.

Please note: submission of questions doesn’t automatically register your ticket for the eve, you will still need to book at the link below.

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