Council stands united on climate emergency

Published on 20 November 2019

Thunderous applause was heard from the gallery at last night’s Frankston City Council Ordinary Meeting, as Councillors united to unanimously carry a Motion to declare a climate emergency.

Scores of community members turned out to hear Council’s verdict on the Motion put forward by Mayor Councillor Sandra Mayer, with many making public submissions urging Council to take action.

Councillor Mayer said she felt proud to be a part of a Council and community that not only acknowledged environmental issues, but that stands up and takes action.

“I cannot thank my fellow Councillors enough for supporting this Motion,” the Mayor said.

The Mayor acknowledged while the Council decision to formally declare a climate emergency was a step in the right direction, the real work was only just beginning.

“As part of our decision, Council made a commitment to review and update our Climate Change Impact and Adaption Plan, which is now eight years old,” she said.

“Once finalised, the plan will provide us with a clear roadmap of how we, as a city and a community, can continue to prioritise initiatives, infrastructure and projects that positively impact our planet.

“The bottom line is that year after year we are seeing the increasing impacts of climate change.

“Our local natural water sources are drying up, resulting in the death of countless native animals each year, particularly in summer.

“As a bayside suburb we need to consider and implement ways to ensure we are mitigating and minimising the risk of coastal erosion.

“Low lying suburbs such as Seaford could be severely impacted should sea levels continue to rise,” the Mayor said.

Chair of the Frankston Environmental Friends Network, David Cross said he and group members were “extremely pleased and excited” with Council’s decision.

“The Frankston City community is very engaged on environmental issues and Frankston Council already has strong environmental credentials when you examine what they are already doing,” Mr Cross said. 

“There are many environmental groups throughout Frankston suburbs, including ours that have been campaigning for greater action on climate change for a long time now, so Council’s decision is one we very much welcome.

“The Frankston Environmental Friends Group, along with the broader environmental community will be watching Council’s progress closely, and look forward to collaborating to find tangible and sustainable ways to combat climate change,” David said.

Frankston City Council joins the more than 190 jurisdictions in 24 countries and 290 million citizens worldwide that have declared a climate emergency.

As part of last night’s decision, Council will also advocate to both state and federal governments to declare a climate emergency and implement legislated programs to drive emergency action to reduce greenhouse gases and meet the lower target of the Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.

Council will also work with the community to raise awareness of the climate emergency and support community action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental actions, initiatives, policies, programs and events already adopted by Frankston City Council include:

  • Towards Zero Emission Plan
  • Waste Wise Event Policy
  • Urban Forest Action Plan
  • An annual calendar of Greening Our Future events
  • Green Wedge Management Plan
  • Installation of over 60 solar systems on community and Council-owned facilities
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design Standards for Council Building Policy
  • Signatory of the Australian Energy Foundation’s Community Advice Service (coming in January)
  • Environmental community grants
  • Food Waste Recycling Service
  • Clean Up Australia Day site support and event facilitation
  • Annual Detox Your Home event
  • Support of numerous local friends and beach clean-up groups

Click here to review the list of Environmental Awards received by Frankston City Council. 

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