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Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good without financial gain.

Volunteering is all about you being able to contribute some of your own time, skills, knowledge and experience to help people in the community.

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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering has many benefits. It gives people self-confidence and satisfaction, social contact, the ability to use previously established skills or develop new ones, a chance to follow your passion and a possible pathway to paid employment.

Volunteering is fast becoming an essential part of a stand-out resume with employers looking for evidence of commitment, loyalty and a strong desire to contribute to the success of society, all which volunteering demonstrates.

There are many benefits to volunteering

  • Meeting new people and making new friends

  • Having fun whilst giving back to your community

  • Gaining a sense of purpose

  • Learning new skills that will look great on your resume

  • Doing something you’re interested in

  • Making a positive difference

Getting the most out of volunteering

Make sure you know what's expected

A position description is usually available for your volunteer role, outlining the expectations of your position, including training and offering support.

Ask questions

You want to make sure that the experience is right for your skills and your time commitments. Keep an open relationship with the volunteer coordinator providing regular feedback to them is valuable and important for both you and the organisation.

Enjoy yourself

The best volunteer experiences benefit both the volunteer and the organisation. If you’re not enjoying yourself, ask yourself why. Is it the tasks you’re performing? The people you’re working with? Pinpointing what’s bothering you can help you decide how to proceed.

Don't be afraid to make a change

Many organisations are understanding and flexible and often provide a 1-3 month ‘trial’ in your role to see if there is a ‘fit’ for both you and the organisation. If you’re not happy with your current role or tasks talk to the organisation about changing your focus or look for a different organisation that’s a better fit. Impact Volunteering are happy to refer you to another position.